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Ovarian cyst - symptoms


Good evening all,

I had an endometrioma (ovarian cyst) removed last year and 19 months later I am awaiting surgery for the removal of another. The strange this is that last time round I had some sporadic pelvic/abdominal pain but as I recall that was about all. This time, however, it's a different ball game! In the last month (since my ultrasound confirmed the cyst) I have suffered from almost continuous pelvic discomfort, bloating (I'm scared to look at my tummy some days!), back ache and also have felt a strange sensation that something (presumably the cyst) is moving round in my stomach/pelvic area. The movement tends to happen more in the evening than during the day but it's really quite alarming as I never really felt like I could feel the cyst itself last year before my op but this time round it's completely different. It's starting to make me very anxious as I've read all about the dangers of ovarian torsion and rupture of cysts etc., so I'm just trying to take it as easy as possible before surgery in a week. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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I have had endometriosis cysts on both ovaries, both times also surgically removed. I now have another cyst that I am going to see a specialist for to have it removed.

I have also experienced ovarian torsion and ruptured endo cyst. The pain from torsion was was so bad that I could not move or stand up straight. I spent a night in the hospital bed and was monitored for fever, pain and had blood tests for inflammation levels. Luckily it resolved on its own.

The pain from cyst rupture got me down on all fours, howling, trembling, sweaty and trying really hard not to pass out or vomit. On a scale from 1 to 10 it was 9.5 because I think 10 is when you scream and pass out.

Have you taken your temperature? If you have pelvic pain accompanied by fever, then please call a doc or go to an emergency room.

However, what you describe sounds more like endo lesions and adhesions (possibly from previous surgery, which is normal). I have that too, some days I’m pain free but some days I cannot even sneeze or strech myself without feeling like I am being stabbed. That’s endo, sadly. Cysts don’t move around, I think it’s most likely an intestinal movement (your intestines working-digesting) you are feeling and perhaps, since you are awaiting for the surgery, you are paying a lot of attention to anything going on in your pelvic area.

If you have a lot of pain, it keeps getting worse and you develop a fever, see a doc.

Edited to add - abdominal swelling is a normal occurence with endo. Some days I look like I’m pregnant and the next day I have a flat tummy.

AnnaSW11 in reply to zerendipity

Hi thanks for your response. Gosh, you really have suffered a lot! Crikey, your experiences with ovarian torsion and a ruptured cyst sound horrendous. Thanks for sharing as it's really helpful to know what to look out for. As far as I'm aware I don't have a fever but if I do develop one I'll definitely be vigilant in terms of seeking medical help. I have been told by an expert that ovarian torsion is rare as cysts are usually stuck to an ovary rather than being free moving. You could be right about the "movement" I'm experiencing being due to endo lesions or perhaps it's just general pressure that the cyst is exerting on everything else in my abdomen/pelvic area. Slightly paranoid my cyst is growing at rapid speed but only a week until surgery now so deep breath...!

zerendipity in reply to AnnaSW11

Good luck with your surgery and make sure you get a copy of your surgery report when you are discharged from the hospital.

I have lots of pain when moving, deep breathing, being alive haha. I have one cyst on my left ovary, its about 5.6cm so not huge but I don't feel anything moving.

Do you know what size your cyst is?

I hope your surgery goes well! I'm still waiting on a date

AnnaSW11 in reply to MrsLane

I was told mine was circa 5cm about a month ago but of course endometriomas only get bigger (so I'm told) hence I'm going for surgery. I hope that you get a date for yours soon.

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