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3 weeks post hysterectomy and having problems


Hi All,

So following on from my previous post I have have a total hysterectomy procedure with removal of uterus, Fallopian tubes, ovaries and cervix. This is due to Endometriosis and adenomyosis and was my last resort really as I have had 7 previous laparoscopic procedures, the pill, Mirena coil decapeptyl all without any full relief from my symptoms.

This was done by open abdomen I was in theatre for 5 hours as all of my organs were stuck together and they found a lot of adhesions on my pelvis towards my bowel as well as on my bladder.

I am 3 weeks post op now and My recovery has been slow. I developed a urine infection post op and have had 2 lots of oral antibiotics to treat this. However I am still experiencing pain when passing urine....it doesn’t sting out right at the end it hurts inside and I am concerned that this could be because of the adhesions on my bladder. I had no bleeding or discharge post op but have just started experiencing a yellow/brown discharge I went back to see my GP who has put me on a third court of antibiotics (my last urine sample was clear) I am also still feeling very sore when I’m walking around although I am able to mobilise a lot better and when I’m sitting/ resting I don’t have much pain.

Has anyone else experienced these symptoms? Am I expecting too much too soon? I am aware that it is early days and I am not a very patient patient but I really do not know if this is normal or not so would appreciate hearing from others who have had this procedure and if this is normal or not??

Thank you so much

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Tinker I was born in 1979 if thats any relevance to your username 😉...

Tinker I have came through the same kind of extensive surgery, same parts gone. Im just past my 7 month mark.

I am on combined HRT with the progesterone only being for 1 year pslost surgery to control endometriosis regrowth.

I had the adhesions most extensively tp ovaries and bowel. My bowel was shaved of....they cannot get every last microscopic cell obviously with the danger being of perforating a bowel or bladder etc, my ovarirs are gone now and glad I didn't inconvenience my surgeon by asking to keep one to cover myself with the hormones, well, at least I think I made the right decision as I feared my chocolste cysts or endometriosis could grow back. It was adenomyosis showed on my MRI and not the endometriosis which was extensive, so just shows you how it hides!

You are way way way early doors, if you are standing up straightish and shuffling the floors of your house this is an achievement in itself. I stayed bed ridden for the 1st two weeks with my height of ecercise being breaks to go pee pee, possibly say hello imn the living room and shuffle back into my cot!

I took Dulcolax day 3 and went to bowel movement on day 5, it was pretty horrendous and using the seat helped to manoeuvre the emptying of my bowels.

My bowel took months to settle and Id feel an urgent urgency, probably 3 months before I felt normal bowel movements returning.

I would tend to go early in the day and some days 3 times a day but early on.

Now, at 7 months Im questioning that. Ive been having an increase (severe) increase in gas in particular at night, gas around stooling too which is a first. I felt like I had "period pain" and looked at my calendar and again for the 2nd month the "period pain" feeling was right on the date Id be due on.

I also have felt the sharp pain on my right side that I always got during ovulation and have felt this 3 months out of 7, even though my ovaries are gone.

Its no where on the same level as before the Op its like an inprint type pain...nothing serious atm.

The only thing I cant shake is intense flank area back pain on my left, but let me just say, 1stly

Im in such a better way in terms of no more monthlies no more clotting, no more missing occassions in life, no more migraines, no more stop dead in the street with stabning pain, ovulation pain, cyclical pain that had me rolling on the ground...

The Op has improved all this.

Im just unsure if I have a combination of issues ongoing ie a bowel issue and its causing backpain or its my slipped discs they say shouldnt really hqve me in this kind of pain...

I may not have been of great help so far but I think this is a serious step we took and we had serious conditions so its a serious recovery.

I know even walking at length is giving me abdominal ache still.

Im doing exercises gove to me by a womans Physio its the stretch type like childs pose and bringing one leg over the other ankle to knee they pulling the knee into chest, pelvic tilts and tucks.

These are enough for me atm and after 4.5 months I hurt my abdomen trying to do cardio and strength warm up exercises, too much too soon. Our bodies are all difgerent but Im not being silly and wont push myself incase to incur an organ prolapse which would be horrendous.

Im trying to believe that itd at least a year to recover from this as other ladies have said. I tried to say Id be great by about 6 months but Ive eaten my words..

Im not adjusting at the speed I thought I would and I was very active before these conditions finally took too much of a tole on me in June 2017. Im in too much pain in my back still, my next step is probably a colonoscopy.

Take plenty of peppermint tea, rest, good food and try to aim for something like womams pelcic physiotherapy then physio based pilates..

When the organs had extensive adhesions removed they were held, poked, prodded, they didn't like it and need time to settle.

Its very intrusive surgery and its certainly not a breeze to recover from.

I am 39 by the way and on patch combined hrt. Evorel Conti.

Best wishes eish everything.


Hi Helly,

I too am 39. Thank you so much for your reply I’m nearly 5 weeks post op and I feel that I’m maybe putting too much pressure on myself to do more and feel better as I am a stubborn mule! I guess these things take time.

I have a constant achey pulling feeling in my right side and light bleeding but the bladder problems seem to have settled. I’m listening to my body more and not going to rush things no matter how bored/frustrated I feel.

I’m hoping that the adhesions on my bowel won’t cause me too many problems in the future. I hope that you recover well and that everything settles for you x

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