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3 days post hysterectomy

Hi all, so it's 3 days post hysterectomy. I had a TLH and all went well, the surgeons confident that he removed all of the endometriosis, here's what he said about the op, he thinks that I've had it for a long time.

I'm not feeling too bad really, a bit sore, but the pains no worse than it was before I had the op, just my mobility is restricted somewhat. I'm very tired though. Am looking forward to hopefully being pain free very soon.

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You poor thing. It sounds like endo had been having a field day inside you! I don't know if your story and how much you've struggled before you've got here but going by all that, I'm guessing that you've had a tough time of it. It sounds like the surgeon is confident they got it all removed. I wish you a speedy recovery and an endo free future!

Take it easy and give yourself lots of lovely rest. X


Good news, well done for getting through it all. Rest up now and go gemtly xxxx


Glad you're recovering well from your op.

Looks like you had a lot done! Hope it helps you have relief from all your symptoms.

I don't want to put a downer on it all, but I'm one for being honest; the hysterectomy even if complete may not always stop endo growth, it definitely helps, and the majority of women find they don't have any problems at all or are manageable enough to have a normal life. However we are mammals so we all produce some levels of the hormones that endo grows with (even males have these hormones too) so there is a chance it can come back but no where near levels before hence why it an effective treatment. Cells are so small, this means there are still endo cells somewhere in the body and each one could regrow, but then none could - there isn't a cure. Just wanted to be realistic and honest.

Back to positives, you've made the right decision seeing what they found, here's to wishing you an endo symptom free future xx


Thanks for the replies, yep the surgeon went through the possibility of recurrence but said the chances of it coming back are lower if they managed to remove all of the existing endo which hopefully he has. I'll just have to keep an eye on it. 6 days in now and my incisions are a bit sore but I'm moving about a bit more freely now. Am dying to have a bath but not allowed to for another couple of weeks!


Hi Mandy, I am glad to hear it has all gone well for you :)

I have been recommended to have a hysterectomy for my stage 4 endo, I am 47 so hoping that this will work for me. Nerve wracking and confusing but should be less pain in the long run.


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