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Hi ladies,

I had surgery to remove a large endometrioma on my left ovary and endo everywhere, pretty much. We've been TTC for over a year and my FS was confident we wouldn't have any problems conceiving naturally after the lap. However, some months later I had a HSG and found my right tube is completely blocked at 3/4 (no fluid through it at all) and that same tube seems to finish in a Hydrosalpinx. We've decided to start our IVF journey as it seems some little endometriomas are growing slowly....

I am concerned about the hydrosalpinx though, my FS thinks that as the tube is completely blocked anyways that shouldn't be a problem, but he said that's a judgement call and there's no such thing as 100% certainty.

Has any of you had the same and can share some advice? How long after your lap surgery did you start IVF? I've waited 6 months for a full recovery and was some months on Dianogest but not sure if we should have started earlier...

Thanks all and good luck on your journeys xx

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Sorry, don’t have any advice for you, but to wish you all the best on your journey, and to ask you a question on How was your HSG? Was it painful? X

sonja18 in reply to ChloeL934

Hi Cloe, it wasn't painful, just uncomfortable really. I just felt some period-like cramping and it was very quick. I was having a look at the scan screen the whole time trying to see the resulting shapes and I could see clearly that the left one was blocked... Don't worry about it, it is a very insightful diagnosis tool and it's super quick. My only advice is that you go with someone as you may feel a bit dizzy afterwards.

I had 10 cm large endo in right side and 6 cm in left side. My lap was done in May and then I was put on zoladex for 3 months. My last zoladex dose was injected on 5th August. Since then I am waiting for periods to resume. 2 months are already over. About tube blockage I would suggest caster oil packs yogasana and kapalbhati pranayam as they are very effective in unblocking tubes naturally

Bdgjdjd in reply to Kinaikna

Do you have both of your tubes are blocked ?!

Kinaikna in reply to Bdgjdjd

No right side only that to bcoz of big endo . I hope it should get clear by now as endo is out

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