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Hydrosalpinx tube removed or not? Please help asap having op Thursday


Please help I have been asked by the surgeon if I want my tube removed it is swollen and a small hydrosalpinx.

I don't know what to do and need to tell him before surgery Thursday please can anyone help?


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Remove if you want children or itll stop you! I have had one removed, my other is damaged so im infertile anyway, but i told them to remove it. It wont get better anyway .. good luck and fingers crossed its just the one. Xx

sp123452017 in reply to Heloo85

Thank you X

I personally feel it depends on your age. If you're mature (38+) then personally I would have it removed. If you're younger young may want to ask about having it flushed.

I was told one of my tubes were blocked by a hydrosalpinx and if I didn't have them removed I couldn't proceed with ivf. I thought ivf would be the answer to our prayers so I paid privately £3500 and had them removed. 4 ivf attempts later and I still nothing.

Some places insist that you need them removed before ivf. If you can have them flushed then maybe, just maybe it could give you other opportunities to try naturally rather than 'waiting' for clinics and dates for ivf/ apts if you see what I mean.

If your tubes are full of fluid, then I heard it could cause problems after transfer. I was terrified, before getting mine removed. As I say, 5 or 6 years on for me and still no baby and still waiting for apts for meetings etc.

Maybe if it is one tube, it would still give you 'options or possibilities of getting pregnant with the other if you see what I mean. Best wishes xx

RexyTony69 in reply to Music1

Hiya, hope you don't me saying but I know how hard IVF is having 6 failed attempts myself. Best thing I did in the end was adopt. Never thought I could ever adopt as I desperately wanted my own. My boy is my own though and has been for 12 years. You should .......

Seriously consider it. Best move I ever made. Hope everything works out for you and you get your child in the end. xxx 😊

sp123452017 in reply to Music1

Thank you for your reply I'm 35 and want children. Just don't know what to do? Did you try have yours flushed before they removed them?

I don't know if the other tube is ok until tomorrow.

I have a feeling that you will get pregnant you know keep faith in your IVF.

How many free attempts are u allowed I don't know much about it?

Thank you for replying to me X

Music1 in reply to sp123452017

Thanks for your kind words. When I read 'I have a feeling that you will get pregnant you know keep faith in your IVF'. I shed a tear.

I didn't have them flushed or anything to be honest. I was told I by my private clinic that they wouldn't let me/ us start ivf without having them clipped or removed. Thinking ivf would be the answer to our prayers I would have done anything they asked - had an arm removed, anything. So, after waiting on the NHS for a year for surgery I went private for surgery. I prob should have asked if there was anything else but I was aware my age clock was ticking.

I think the number of attempts you have on NHS depends on where you are in the country. By the time I had surgery I was told I was too old at 39.

I had a low AMH count and was told I was running out of time so do it sooner than later.

Maybe get your AMH checked out. If it's high you could ask about getting your tubes flushed. That way if you are having ivf you could still naturally try whilst you are still waiting etc. I've heard miracles have happened for some. Once you have them removed you have to rely completely on ivf. You are young so I'd say you have a higher % of it working possibly.

Difficult to say, and I wouldn't want to advise. If they are completely damaged I was told ivf would work better without them - less chance of ectopic pregnancy in the tubes, or fluid from the tubes damaging the embryo.

You're still young, and I know that's probably of no comfort but I would suggest you ask these questions - even for peace of mind.

Best wishes xx

sp123452017 in reply to Music1

Hi Music 1, Orh bless u you've made me also shed a tear knowing that u shed a tear. Feeling really emotional I've got my surgery in the morning and got to decide.

Thank you for your lovely reply.

Haven't had a AMH count before? Is that done at doctors?

Don't know whether to ask him to have a go at clearing tube but of its really bad remove it?

Are you still trying with IVF because I do have a gut feeling for you.

Do u play a musical instrument with your name Music 1?X

Music1 in reply to sp123452017

I've probably replied too late x

An AMH count is just done through a blood test. They did mine at the ivf clinic.

I am still trying at ivf. I think we're going to have one last go - lucky attempt number 5 hopefully. If it fails, that will be it. It's exhausting emotionally and financially to keep going through this.

I sing and play cello :)

I have the same problem blocked tube, i am almost 29 and want children been ttc for 10months and nothing. I have a follow up in 2 week guess i will be having a similar chat.

My gut feeling for me personally, and it different for everyone, is i would rather have the tube cleared and a general inside clear out and try for kids, mine has only blocked in the last 15 mths.

Good luck x

sp123452017 in reply to SEB88

Hi there thank you for your reply. How did they test your blocked tube please?

Is it easier to unblock the less months it's been blocked? X

SEB88 in reply to sp123452017

Hi, i hav had mine ultrasounded but no othet tests. X

sp123452017 in reply to SEB88

Thank you for your reply X

Hi, how old are you? Have u children? Do u want any? My personal opinion is have it removed. You only mention one tube. If wanting kids you have another tube and no reason why you wouldn't get pregnant with just 1 tube (so long as it's OK). You don't mention why your having ......

surgery in the first place. What else are you having done? Too many surgeries can cause a bucket load of problems. Why haven't they mentioned clearing of the tube in the first place? Can't advice much more really as not a lot of info to go on. Good luck with what u decide

xxx 👍

Hi there im 35 and want children still. I've been in agony since Dec last year and can hardly walk without bad pains. Mri showed small hydrosalpinx but vwry swollen tube but that was in Jan may have got worse now. Don't know if other tube is ok until he looks

Can hydrosalpinx spread to other tube?

Surgeon said it can cause ectopic pregnancy and would need removed in another surgery if I didn't have removed tomorrow. Stuck what to do?

Thank you for your help x x x

The last thing you want is ectopic pregnancy. I had one and had literally 5 minutes to live. I was very lucky. I know how hard and deflating it is when all you want is a baby but you haven't got the tools to make one. I had both my tubes removed. I think your life is much more important..

If you have the tube removed, you still have the other, if that's blocked, then removed, what about IVF? Unfortunately things happen to us we have no control over. We just have to do our best to carry on. After 6 failed IVF attempts, I adopted in the end. Best move I made xxx

Also can I just point out, the more surgeries you have, the more adhesions you get and more pain and complications. I think your going to have to put your trust and faith in your surgeon. Praying for a good outcome for you and wishing you all the best xxx

Thank you I didn't realise you get more adhesions with surgery either?

Omg I'm riddled with them. I've had 5 major surgeries and 6 lapo's. I'm now classed disabled as can hardly walk due to chronic pain from endo and adhesions. My ovarie is in my bowel and the adhesions have attacked my organs. Everything is cemented down 😢 xx

OMG poor you that's awful for you. Did u have different surgeons each time?

OMG really you had 5 mins to live? Did they leave your ovaries in.

Yes literally 5 mins. I was at home in agony thinking my appendix had burst. I was gasping for breath in the end due to internal bleeding as the tube had ruptured due to the baby growing. Ambulance came and within minutes I was in the Operating theatre. When I woke the nurse and ...

Dr came to see me and explained what happened. He said "5 more minutes and you would of been dead" I was very lucky. Yes my ovaries were left in. 2 years later I had dye test on remaining tube and that was blocked too so had it removed. xxx

OMG it really is so dangerous! You were so lucky and that was because of a hydrosalpinx?

No huni, that was due to ectopic pregnancy. If your tubes are damaged in any way and you end up getting pregnant, the baby grows inside your tube. As it grows it bursts your tube causing internal bleeding. If not seen too, then death is imminent. xxx

I was never offered a flush however i was offered ivf at my post op. You get 2-3 attempts but be careful, its a postcode lottery now is ivf .. although my fallopian was wrapped around my colon so they had to remove .. but i know the fluid is toxic to the feutus and can cause problems during a pregnancy and as someone else as stated, a damaged tube leaves you at higher risk of ectopic. Your best bet is to sit down with your surgeon and ask pros and cons xx

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