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Pain 3 months post lap 🙄


Good evening everyone,

Last night I was in so much pain, it kept me awake most of the night.

It was like the pain I used to have before surgery in my pubic bone around my ovaries and was like a hard lump.

It’s still really sore now and tender to touch but the lump has gone and like a dull ache again.

I don’t see my gynae till 19th October so I haven’t tried any hormone treatment yet.

Anyone else ever had this pain or experience? 💕

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I dont know if this is helpful but I had a lap and excision, after a few months the pain had come back same pain as before the opp gyni said that it was normal.

2nd lap and it has been found in other places than before so it wasn’t all taken out first time around.

my first lap they burnt the endo which is leaving the root and not removing the whole thing.

I would ask for a second opinion and i find that Nortriptyline helps with the pain at nighttime but makes you very drowsy x

princessk09 in reply to kerri-

I had excision and the surgeon confirmed he had removed all the endo. I just can’t see it growing back that quick but then again I’m not on hormone treatment atm xx

for some women depending on how invasive / how much was removed / where it was removed / how much poking around / how much moving stuff / own healing time / body reaction - it can take longer and sometimes feel like you've taken a step backwards.

It took me about 4 months to feel close to recovered after my first endo excision lap (removed all my endo apart from bit on bowel), then I had no pains. My second endo excision lap (removed just the bit left on the bowel) omg I was signed off for a month and my periods 3 months later are still painful. When I asked my doc about both surgeries he said the body needs time to heal internally and some people don't react well to their insides being moved around - sometimes the muscles tense up due to being used / not used for a while. I've started physio for my core and my back - which helps loads as these are the most affected with endo and post surgery (I didn't realise until I talked to physio) - the massages they do loosen up tense muscles which can help cramps.

I'm not on hormone treatment either. I've heard for some it can grow back quickly and for others surgery just takes that little longer to recover from.

hope that helps xx

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