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Painful arm / vein post lap?

I had my sixth lap 8 days ago - it hasn't been a fun recovery but I'm starting to feel slightly more human.

However, I've developed a painful lump on my right arm. The cannula used for the anaesthetic and drugs went into the back of my right hand. Several years ago in A&E, a nurse injured that hand while pulling out a cannula - when she pulled it out, it felt like my arm was being ripped off. I think they pulled a nerve or something.

This time, then they were tapping the vein it hurt, but I had no pain once it was in / when they were putting drugs into it. It's been fine for most of the last week, but yesterday a sore spot appeared on my arm.

What's weird is that it's nowhere near the cannula site - that's on the back of my hand, and the sore point is about an inch up from my wrist, so about 4" from the site, and it seems like it's further left than the vein is. It's very sore if I knock it and feels bruised, and is swollen / there's a lump.

I've had lots of bruised and swollen cannula sites in my time but never pain / a lump so far from where the cannula was.

I don't know if I should be concerned or if it's just bruising - it seems weird for it to have come up so long after my lap, but maybe I just didn't notice it before.

Typically I've noticed this on a Friday night so I can't just call the doctor. Has anyone ever had this or any idea what it might be? It's just the location of it and the timing that has me a bit concerned.


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I had this on my left arm but had other symptoms as well just before I left hospital after my lap my wrist was all red and hot and it had really hurt when the nurse was injecting drugs the night before. But I just wanted to go home so didn't mention it. A week later my wrist was a bit sore and a small lump appeared like you say up from the cannula site and mine was further round like on the end he if my wrist. I went to my gp and he said it was an infection in my vein from the cannula and I had to have anti biotics and anti inflammatory tablets. You have to be very careful so please go get it checked out. If it's a smaller vein that's usually not too bad but if it's one of your larger veins these all lead to your heart so I was told if it gets worse go straight to A and E.


That doesn't sound good at all - it is the larger vein so I guess I do need to be careful. I feel okay at the moment, apart from the soreness and lump there's no symptoms but I'll try to get to see a doctor on Monday / get seen sooner if it gets worse or I feel worse. Thanks again x


I too had a painful lump but further up my vein than where the needle went in or was in the vein, this lasted about 3 weeks after my op, had it checked and the nurse said it was normal, no pain now after just over 4 weeks but still slightly swollen. Maybe worth getting it checked for peace of mind but hopefully like me just another annoying side effect xx



I had exactly the same after my laparoscopy. It was about an inch up on the right had but further left than the canular site. I did nothing about it and it's gone. It worried me for a while though and I'd say it took months to disappear so I would definitely go get checked out for peace of mind x


Thanks ladies, I will get it checked out x


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