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First Laparoscopy 19 years old


Hey everyone, I'm having my first laparoscopy in two days time and it's been a hellish journey. I first had a massive flare up thinking I had appendicitis went to A&E to be turned away because they didn't have anyone to do an Ultrasound. I was in excruciating pain which I couldn't even speak through, so I ended up going to another hospital and was admitted for seven days. My bloods were weird and my MRI looked strange but they couldn't pin point the problem. First it was appendicitis, then Gall stones, then Crohns, then Colitis. Therefore, in typical NHS fashion they didn't know what was wrong so I was put on multiple antibiotics in the hopes that it would go away... And of course I've struggled to recover from it ever since. It was only through multiple fainting spells, acid reflux, pain etc. That I was even seen by a gynaecologist and only through private medical insurance could I get past having just an ultrasound scan (which normally led to being discharged). I was also told I could have both Crohns and Endometriosis so I'm hoping this surgery will finally give me an answer so I can start living my life again.

Sorry for the huge rant but it's just really nice to be able to speak to people who have been through the same things as me xx

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Hi SillyBella

Sorry to hear how badly you have been treated. I hope that your laparoscopy gives you the answers you need and you can feel better :) x

SillyBella in reply to D3107

thank you and I hope so too

Hey sillybella

I had exactly same prob as u...

Went to a&e in pain and because all tests were strange they put me on drips of antibiotics which made me so ill they literally killed my stomach...

I found out that all the antibiotics had killed all my bacteria in stomach and only had bad bacteria called candida or sibo.

Best thing to do is get yourself loads of probiotics and start taking them

Asap! Not with hot drink or food.

SillyBella in reply to Lulububs

thank you! I'll keep that in mind... are there any brands you recommend, out of curiosity?

Lulububs in reply to SillyBella

Bioglan gut flora are really good u need a high dose. And take a few more then needed at first so u get a goo amount in ur gut. Like i said not with hot food or drink as it kills it before it gets to stomach


Hi, sorry to hear your story. I am having my first lap on Monday after years of being passed around. I've been given antibiotics for urine infections, told I have IBS, been tested for STIs and pregnancy more times than I can even remember because what else could it possibly be as a young sexually active woman!!! I totally understand your frustrations and I really hope you get the answer you need xx

SillyBella in reply to Hidden

good luck with your lap I hope all goes well!

and thank you xx

Sorry to hear you are going though so much. My daughter had real bad pain and Doctors had thought it was her appendix but it was a ruptured ovarian cyst , the pain has not gone so the Gynaecologist did laparoscopic surgery looking for endometriosis but didn’t see anything. Long story short she is going to another gynaecologist to see if she has any ideas. She just turned 17 and this has been going on for three years. I hope you get a diagnosis and can get on with your life.

I pray that your surgery goes well and the answers will bring you peace.

Much love and God bless!

Hi SillyBella! I’m 17 and I’ve been having similar issues for a few years now. I had my first laparoscopy about a month ago. Just know that no matter what happens or what you get told when you come out of it, you’re not alone and you have people willing to listen if you need it. Wishing you all the best and the best of health <3

Hello! Im 19 and had my long awaited lap 6 months ago. Im sorry to hear you had troubles, I too have chronic consitpation and endo but for every pain they used to blame my bowels even though I had that issue all my life. I was so excited for surgery I wanted answers and to prove to all the them doctors that I knew something was wrong- turned out i was stage 3 .

Times do get tough, but I would not be me without endo. (Funny tip I give my stomach a name so if it flares its like ''oh Linda is playing up again'' just makes things a big lighter with a bit of humour :) .

Make sure recovery is nice and slow and try not to do things too quick. 6 months on and I started my driving lessons endo had stopped me but i am able to gather the energy from that.

Everyone on this site is here for you many expeirences are identical many are different but we all have one thing in common and that is chronic pain. Things will get better, for me things are not perfect right now but they are so much better than last year where walking was difficult. good luck dm me at anytime hun! x

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