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Recovery after first laparoscopy and endometriosis removal.

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Hi guys, I'm new to this forum and to the world of Endometriosis.After having suffered with pain for many years,i finally got told it appears to be endometriosis and put on the pill which made me Ill and painkillers. I was then referred to see a gynaecologist who after discussion said it looks like I have endometriosis and suggested a laparoscopy to diagnose and treat at the same time. I had surgery last week and it was confirmed that endometriosis was found and removed and no further follow up was required due to not knowing when it'll come back etc. I was fitted with a mirena coil to help with pain after surgery.

I had to stay for three days due to vomiting and low bp and being tachy but I'm slowly recovering at home now,although I'm still in a lot of pain a week later and feel so exhausted. I'm able to urinate but it can be a bit painful and I'm still heavily bloated from the surgery.

No real aftercare was given when being discharged but I've cleaned the wounds and applied clean dressings. I was concerned as one was leaking and it was red but after a nurse appointment a couple of days ago, I was told it was fine and generally it's really the navel one which has a risk of infection.

I was told to remove them in a few days so after showering I didn't replace them. However whilst getting changed I noticed discharge from the navel and I'm unsure whether it's fine it not or whether it's just not been dried properly ?

I feel really let down after surgery with lack of knowing where I stand etc and it's so confusing. Ant advise would be appreciated x

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Sorry I can't offer you any advice but just wanted to say I know how you feel. I had my first lap Friday and have been sent home with a catheter and no real information either. Hope you feel better soon.

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That's ok hun, it helps knowing that others know how you feel as it can be we quite isolating. Hope you feel better soon too:)

If you are worried about your naval wound, go see the nurse again. Better safe than sorry. With regards to knowing what has been found etc, I would recommend making an appointment with your GP once they have received the report from the gynae and asking them to explain to you what has happened. And take a copy of the report for yourself so you can mull it over and ask questions here. Hope your recovery goes well.

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Hi thanks for the help, will be making an appointment to see the dr and hopefully get some answers etc and know where I stand :)

i bought the same waterproof dressings they use, and i changed them everyday after my shower, and kept them covered for 10 days or so, as i found they kept catching on my clothing.

they should've given you notes about a general anasaestic, and your procedure, and wounds/stitiches (removable or dissolving). your notes should also say what you had done, what they found, what if any, medication you were sent home with. you can go see your gp in a few weeks and have a chat about it all if you have no follow up with hospital.

the mirena i don't see how it would help with pain from surgery, quite the opposite i would've thought and from personal experience, the minera for me was agony after it was fitted, and mine wasn't fitted at surgery, it was fitted during a hysteroscopy, and gave me awful pain, and i had mine removed at the same time as having my lap. but maybe they've fitted it to try and help with the general normal day to day pain, for some women its life changing so give it a go, but for me it was in for 20 months, and it was 20 months of hell.

i was very naive when i had my lap, which was three years ago, i had none removed as they said there was too much, i have stage 4, and they just put me on the waiting list for a hysterectomy, that was three years ago, and i keep putting it off, as i don't believe it will help. luckily, by coming back onto here, i've since found out that my hospital (which i was lead to believe was a specialist centre) never made the grade, and isn't, so i'm now being referred to a specialist centre to hopefully get the treatment i need.

good luck with your recovery, take it easy, listen to your body, it was weeks before i felt back to normal, whatever that is lol, but be kind to yourself xx

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Tryx in reply to maxine71

Hi, thank you for all your help.

The only thing I was given was a letter confirming the meds I've been discharged with and some mirena coil booklet thing and a sick note for work. I made a typo I realized and I meant that the mirena was fitted to reduce the pain of the Endometriosis etc afterwards. My consultant did see me late at night on the day of the surgery but I was so ill after the surgery that I couldn't really ask much but he told me they found it and removed it but I don't need to come back with endo being so unpredictable and to see nurse in 6 weeks for the coil to see it's there still. The experience in hospital was awful with the nurses not really bothered and quite dismissive when I stated that the codiene and paracetamol wasn't enough for the pain etc, I just wanted to go home and rest by the third day I was sick to death to be honest and glad to get discharged.

Hope it works out for you whatever you choose and hope the specialist centre helps you. This is an awful condition which I wouldn't wish on anyone.

Thank you once again:) xx

I would say that it's unusual not to have follow up post op as I have had this with both General gynae and specialist centre. You should have got a discharge summary when you left hospital which will state the findings of the operation, their recommendations and follow up. I had mine 3 weeks ago and need follow up in 3 months but haven't received it yet so will be chasing up this week.

In terms of advice for the catheter - did the give you the wards number you could call and ask them.

Wound dressings can come off after 10 days and need changing at day 5, on my last lap I had issues with the stitches in my naval and saw the GP which was fine.

If you are not under a specialist centre then I would ask the GP to refer you as you will need follow up for the endometriosis.

Hope this helps.

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Tryx in reply to Minnie1128

Hi thanks for your reply, it's my first lap so wasn't sure what to expect to be honest. I got given meds details but the consultant who saw me after surgery told me he won't make a follow up so due to the unpredictable nature of endo. I was advised to see the nurse in 6 weeks to check on the mirena coil. I'm not entirely sure if it was a specialist centre but will be seeing GP so will hopefully know better

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Minnie1128 in reply to Tryx

You can look up your hospital and consultant in the list here to know if it's a specialist centre

Hope all goes well with the GP.

Hi I never had a follow up was told the same discharged and told to take cerazette!

However this hasn't worked for me and the GP is now recommending the mirena!

It did also take me many weeks to feel well after the lap so good luck xx

I felt like that too. I had so many questions but the lack of follow up was terrible. If worried, see your gp but i wouldnt worry too much. Just keep it clean.

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