Nervous about my first laparoscopy

Hi guys, I'm 17, and have been put on the list to have a laparoscopy, it's not my first operation, but my others have been on my knee so it's a little different. I guess my main worry is will it actually help my pains and everything and if so how long for?? And my other worry is actually the scarring, like any other teenage girl I do like my 3/4 tops or 'belly tops' as some people call them, but I'm scared my scars are gonna be really obvious. I feel like I can't talk to anyone else about this because non of my family or friends actually know what I'm going through, like they don't understand the pain I'm in, they don't understand my constant need for sleep or pain killers or anything. Would be much appreciated if I could get a couple answers, thanks guys.

Shannon Xx

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Hi Shannon,

Sorry to hear you're worried about it, I hope it all goes well for you. I found the laparoscopy really helped, but everyone is different and much will depend on how severe the endo is and where it is. For some people it really helps and for others it isn't as effective, and sadly you won't know until you have the operation.

In terms of scars, the operation is keyhole so the scarring should be minimal. You'll have 3 or 4 incisions, one of which will be in your belly button. You might have a couple of small (ie 1cm) scars but they are likely to be largely unnoticeable.

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much! Was a big help!!

Hi there,

I totally understand your worries as I was young when I had my first lap too.

As for pain relief I suppose it depends on so many things, how much the get rid of, how successful the surgery goes etc.

My first op I was painfree for about a year, then it slowly got less each one I had.

Scarring, you can barely see mine as each time they go through the same spots and also I use arnica to get rid of the bruising faster and heal faster and then bio oil after it's healed to get rid of the scarring.

Hope that helps and good luck for your surgery :) remember to take it steady with recovery.

Second the use of bio oil, it really helps reduce the (already tiny) scars!

Thank you

Thank you, this was really helpful! I will do, thanks x

What's the laparoscooy for? also the scars are very small, maybe a pea size on each side, if it's endo what there looking for, they will remove it an I can say It did aliviate the pain and I had bleeding in between periods which that went too, hope this helps x

It's for endo yeah, thank you x

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