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First Lap Soon - Recovery time??

Hi, well after having a 3rd opinion i am finally on the waiting list to have a Lap done and see if there is any Endo or basically see what is going on in there! However my main worry is that i originally expected to be going straight back to work after 2-3 days off with it just being day surgery. However i am not reading horror stories online that some people have taken 2 weeks AT LEAST off work and are still struggling.

I am heavily depended on at work and can't take that much time off work, i do just sit at a desk most of the day but i was just wondering what other peoples recovery was like and how long? I also am very active in my spare time which i know i will not be bale to do for a while but i just want a genuine answer from people as to what their recovery has been like so i know what to expect and how much it might disturb my lifestyle. Thanks

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Hi after my first surgery I went back to work after a couple of days and ending up with and infection and very run down and was told I should of taken it more easy. After my second surgery I had a week off and then went back the second week reduced hours and back to normal the third week and felt better for doing that. My problem with the first surgery was that I felt ok so didn't think I was doing any harm to myself but I was and ended up worse for it. I guess everyone is different.

All the best xx


Hi . I had my first lap beginning of July , they drained a cyst on my left ovary but didn't do anything else as surgeon said the endo was too severe and wanted to discuss my options with me first. Like you I thought I would be able to return to work within a couple of days but I ended up off for a week. Felt ok so went back and was in so much pain the first few days, but it gradually got better. Only you know how you feel , don't push yourself too hard take things at pace you feel comfortable with. Hope this helps.



I had my lap 3 days ago. I had quite a lot of endometriosis removed so it was more invasive than I thought. I can't even walk to the toliet without support. however everybody is different. Just listen to your body! I thought I would feel back to normal in a few days they did not warn me it would be like this!


I've had 2 exploratory laps which I took a week off work for which was sufficient for me but everyone is different. Can't remember my 4th lap but my next one which was laser surgery that took about 2 hours saw me back at work after a week, but I only sit at a desk, nothing too strenuous. My last one was by an excellent excision surgeon and BSGE accredited endo specialist so hopefully will be my last. I had a lot of endo removed from pretty much everywhere, bladder, ureters, ovaries (including endometriomas removed), my ovary has to be unstuck from my bowel, I had the whole of my peritoneal lining removed and I also had to have a total hysterectomy (ie uterus and cervix removed) for adenomyosis. The surgery took almost 7hrs. That has taken me much longer to recover from. By 6 weeks I was managing a half hour walk. 4 months on and I finally felt like I was getting doing well and was back to 1.5 hour daily dog walks and gentle excercise in the gym for about half hour with part time study at home. But then unfortunately I went and broke my foot a week ago so am back to limited mobility for 6 wks whilst stuck in a plaster cast 😞. Everyone is different in terms of recovery. Listen to your body and don't rush if you don't feel up to it. The world won't come to a standstill and your health is far more important than work. I would say though as tempting as it is to stay in bed after surgery it is important to walk around, even if only for a few minutes every hour or 2. It helps prevent adhesions, dispel the gas that they pump you full of (and can be more painful then the incision sites themselves!) and of course helps prevent DVT's. Best wishes, Jo



I have a diagnostic lap scheduled in 2 weeks and a hysteroscopy with D&C and mirena being fitted. I have been advised to take a week off, I think mainly due to the anaesthetic??



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