Recovery time - endo/adhesion removal

Hi all,

Had laparoscopy for diagnosis and removal of endo just over 4 weeks ago - the surgeon said he found some endo which he removed but there was also an adhesion attaching my left ovary to my pelvic wall. The pain I was getting before surgery has reduced a lot but I am still getting some deep pain in my left butt cheek - I just wanted to know if this is normal to still have pain after surgery? If so, how long does it really take you to internally heal from something like that? Or am I just going to have to live with this pain forever? :(

Nunu88 x

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  • Wondering the same. I'm 4weeks post opp too so interested to know the answer to this as I'm still having pain and also did after my other two Laparoscopys

  • What did you have done in your op? What sort of pain are you getting? x

  • My second lap I had endo removed from oy ovary and womb which were stuck together also it was covering my abdomen and ligaments. The last opp 4weeks ago my bladder was bonded to my womb with a lot of endo and it was on the tube that runs from the kidney to the bladder. I also had small amounts on my ovary a x

  • Oh wow my adhesion seems minor compared to yours. I just hate how little information there is about Endo yet like 1 in 3 women suffer from it. Madness! Pain management is the hardest I find :( hope you find answers Tammy5 x

  • Well a small amount alone can cause so much pain. What pain relief do you use if you don't mind me asking? X

  • I take 500mg Naproxen twice a day as an anti-inflammatory & up to 300mg Tramadol a day but I think I have a strange tolerance for Tramadol - was thinking of going back to my doctor to get an alternative. And of course I don't mind you asking - that's what this forum is about - being open & honest, we're all in the same boat :) How do you manage your pain? x

  • Like you I have nepoxen twice daily, I do have tramol but they don't seem to work so I don't bother with them + they make me constipated. I also take amitriptilyn at night. Nothing takes the pain away but I suppose they take the edge off x

  • Oh wow i thought i was the only one - tramadol doesn't always work for me. I don't understand how it works sometimes & other times doesn't touch me at all? I used to take amitriptilyn but that wasn't strong enough so upgraded to gabapentin - that's quite a good one. I didn't take it for long though because it was when i didn't know what was causing the pain x

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