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Laparoscopy coming up - endometrioma cysts removal

Hi All,

I've finally booked a Laparoscopy for the 16th of March. I'm obviously a bit anxious but relieved that I'll have it done soon enough.

One question of a million dollar for you and particularly for the women who had ovarian cysts (endometrioma) removed.

After removing these cysts:

1) did you go on the pill or similar straight after the Lap.? And did that prevent the cysts from growing back at all?

2) If you didn't take hormones after Lap.: did your cysts grow back and how long did it take for them to grow back??

Thanks x

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Hi Regina

Am sorry can’t really give answer to your questions but just to let you know your not alone, had my surgery done last year December and was put straight on zoladex for 3months which just ended this month as the Gynacologist adviced me it will stop my endo/cysts/adhensions from coming back at the time. So now am discharged, waiting for my hormones to regulate and come back to normal. Not sure what happens next, fingers crossed I won’t experience such disease in my life again . Is awful 🙏🏿🤞

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Hi Jenifer,

thanks so much for your reply. What endometriosis stage have you been diagnosed with, if I may ask? Isn't that the injection which is suppose to stop your periods and give you a 'temporary' menopause?! Were you ok with this? I mean, did you have any side-effects?

yes I was told this too actually, but just in case I wasn't operating it soon enough.

THANK YOU!! And i'm so glad you are feeling better now! I hope it lasts for you x


Hi Jenifer

Yes I was on stage 4 endometriosis/ adhensions/ovarian cysts/ and left Fallopian tube blocked. I had an open surgery to drain the cysts and fibroid removed along with the endometriosis all removed. Placed straight on zoladex injection for 3months with all the side effect you can think of including hot flushes at night and during the day, heart palpitation, tiredness, hair loss everything. Though everyone is different so wouldn’t want to put you off the injection. I tried to endure it till the end as I had passed through this disease and wouldn’t want to let it return so soon and in other words I endured all the side effects and looked for a means to cope with it. Am glad I have just had the last injection on the 15/2/18, so am waiting for my period to regulate then I can go for ivf private funding as am desperate for a baby and can’t get pregnant naturally due to this awful and dreadful disease nhs can’t fund me as my ovarian reserve is low. Infact I can’t go on and on as my story is a lot to talk about but I hope and believe that God will grant me my miracle baby one day 🙏🏿🙏🏿


Oh no, so sorry to hear that Jenifer :( that sucks, but you've been so brave. I guess that unless the side-effects are so debilitating, if these hormones help is good to give it a go... for the sake of not having to deal with new endo tissue re-growth :(

BEST OF LUCK with IVF and conceiving a baby!! :) You deserve it x


Thank you and again is best to endure whatever the side effects in other to get well. Best wishes to you 🙏🏿🙏🏿


yes, you are probably right! very wise and brave :)

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I had an endometrioma cyst removed early 2015. I was recommended a coil - Mirena, which I refused simply because I am terrified of having a pointy foreign object in my uterus.

I did not go on a pill either because I get severe mood disorders and head aches from hormonal contraception. I now again have a small cyst in the same ovary. BUT I believe it to be so because the surgery was sloppy and they did not manage to remove all the endo from my ovary. I also had complications during that surgery. I later found out I should have chosen a different hospital with better specialists.

I have also had an endo cyst on my other ovary, it was removed 8 years ago and that ovary is still nice and clear.

I know they do recommend hormonal contraceptives in order to reduce the chances of forming new cysts. The choice is yours since you know your body best.

Good luck!


Hi Zerendipity,

thanks a lot for your reply and for sharing your story.

I was recommended Mirena coil too by my actual Gynaechologist, to be inserted while undergoing the Laparoscopy in March.. but I refused and said I could perhaps try the pill again, but definitely can't risk having something inside for 6 months which might make me feel crap and then removal could not be so easy. I, like you, I suffered from severe side-effects like yours in the past!! Migraines like stroke, periods that would never end and last a month, mood disorders... So I can understand why you didn't want to go on it again! I feel exactly the same but I will try again with a different pill and see how I go. At least with the pill you can stop taking it whenever, but with the coil is not exactly the same!

It's great that after 3 years your cyst is only small and probably as you said that's just due to the surgery not having been successful in the first place.. Sorry to hear that. I hope you can get that sorted eventually. And it's so encouraging to hear that your other cyst hasn't grown back since 8 years!! I wish mine will be the same. Although it might depend on what endometrioma stage you were diagnosed with... What stage is yours, do you know? I still don't know my stage but they will tell me after the Laparoscopy I suppose.

Also, how large were your cysts, if I may ask?

Thanks again for sharing and helping. I hope you continue to feel better x


I have not been told what stage endo I have and it never occured to me to ask about it. The cysts I had were 6-8 cm dia. All I know is that excision surgery is the gold standard treatment for endo, you should never get it lasered off as I have heard some have had.

My last surgery was such a mess - they did not check my fallopian tubes and they said I have endo spots all over my peritoneum but they removed none of these spots! I was shocked tbh. Sadly, I now have adhesions and it hurts like hell if I cough, sneeze, stretch or stand up “wrongly”.

I try to follow a healthy diet to minimize the etfects of endo - it produces estrogen and is inflammatory.

I have noticed that when I have a cyst I also get awful sugar cravings, so it’s quite hard sometimes to steer clear from sweets.


I see. No worries at all and thanks for letting me know.

So sorry to hear that about your operation, that doesn't sound good at all :(

The only reason why my specialist said he might have to drain the cyst instead, is to avoid damaging the ovary and so to 'save' it. But he will do his best to remove the cyst if possible of course. He will definitely be able to remove the smaller cyst as it's smaller and it shouldn't be difficult or cause damage to the ovary lining.

I crave sugar just before my period normally :( My period came a week late this time (on Saturday) and I had the worst cyst pains and on my side (top of my hip) during all night. Bled heavily too - I had a terrible weekend because of this. Oh well, hopefully once I'll have it removed I will feel better.

Thanks for sharing your story again. Have a good day! x


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