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Did you experience bowel problems this long after lap?

I’m a month post lap, it was a diagnostic lap where they found endo and removed on my POD, ovary and unstuck a frozen pelvis. Since the lap my bowel symptoms have gotten worse and worse after surgery I didn’t poop for about 4-5 days and after that it started soft and has slowly gotten worse now I’m at the point where I can’t even keep a meal in and my poop is coming out watery and I can hear and feel it moving through my gut. I can’t get to see my gp till Monday but I’m just so emotional because I feel like I’m keeping nothing in, have tried rehydration sachets but they won’t stay in and I’m really conscious of taking Imodium as in the past it’s effects have made my bowel sluggish and in turn made me constipated quite severely.

Did any other ladies experience worse bowel symptoms after lap and any advice on how to help it?

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You need to get yourself to the out of hours GP. If you phone NHS 111 they should be able to tell you how to do that for your area. However, 111 are utterly appalling at giving medical advice so don't be fobbed off.

You can make a simple rehydration solution by putting 8 teaspoons of sugar and one teaspoon of salt in 1 litre of water. Drink gradually through the day and have a couple of litres. Even if you think it is going right through, you need to do something to replace your fluids and you're hopefully absorbing some.



Yes, with all the operations that I have had within 10 years, I have had bowel problems. I take senna liquid at night that helps me. Plus drinking water throughout the day helps to. You should go see your GP and tell him/her of your problem.



I have had bowel symptoms since my last lap which also involved POD excision. Although mine is in the other direction, which has finally been diagnosed as pelvic dysfunction due to scarring and endo on pelvic floor.

Defo get to a doctor, but in the interim to stop the bowels from continuing to go so fast, the BEST thing I’ve ever found is Arrowroot (which you can get from lots of places). One bowl of that and it should really help!!

Hope you feel better x


Hey, it sounds to me like you have bowel impaction which can cause water diarrhoea to squeeze round it and escape. You need to see a doctor urgently so phone 111 or nhs 24. If you cant do that go to your local pharmacy and ask to speak to the pharmacist for advise.


Hi ladies, thanks for all your replies I just wanted to give you an update...I feel like a bit of a wally but it turns out pretty severe anxiety has just flared up my ibs this week. I have a big job interview tomorrow for a job I’d really like, my follow up appointment for my lap the week after all inbetween trying to search for a house to buy with my partner and worrying about my fertility after my lap. It seems I let things get on top of me. After speaking to a doctor they gave me a few days worth of an anti anxiety medication I’ve tried before that just has me a bit woozy and high and I’ve found the bowel problems have subsided. So basically I need to chill out. Thanks for all the great advise though!


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