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Post laproscopy



I'm new to this.

2 days ago I had a diagnostic laproscopy and on rest at the moment as where I'm stitched and surrounding area is quite sore and painful still. I was told I have stage 3 endometriosis but only given that info when I chased them for it before discharging me.

I had to stay in overnight as I struggled to come round from the aneathsetic and also my bladder wouldn't empty on its own despite being full.

My concern is that I seemed to be the only one post surgery (out of the afternoon surgery ladies) who struggled to move afterwards. The others all seemed to get up and leave walk off quite easily after theirs whereas I'm still struggling to walk.

Is this normal? Have others taken longer to recover? They didn't remove anything by the way. Just diagnosing this time.

Any advice appreciated.

It's my first wedding anniversary tomorrow. Hoping to feel at least a bit better for it.



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Hey, everyone is different after surgery and recovering. As soon as I woke up, I was in no pain and very alert and chatty but once the drugs and stuff wore off a few days later, I couldn’t move or anything due to pain.

Even though they were just looking, organs have still been moved around etc so you will be sore. Don’t worry about the ladies as I said everyone is different. Xxx

Thank you so much for your reply. I wish I had realised I had replies before now as it really does help knowing you're not alone.

Do you mind asking what became of your laproscopy? How are you doing now? xxx

During my lap, they found a bit of endo around my uterus and drained a large cyst that was apparently close to bursting.

I’m doing okay now, I still get tired 2 weeks later and I struggle to stretch or do certain movement due to my stitches in my bellybutton xx

Hi :)

I was was the same as you. I got kept in over night due to not being able to empty my bladder and struggling to come round from anaesthetic. I was in horrific pain. When I first stood up after the op the pain was that bad my blood pressure dropped and temp went high and nearly fainted. It took me about 12 days to start being able to bend down and that again. Everyone’s different so don’t be too hard on yourself. Hope you start feeling like yourself soon xxx

1yearwed18 in reply to SarahMow

Thank you so much for your reply. I wish I had realised I had replies before now as it really does help knowing you're not alone.

I'm sorry to hear what you went through but also relieved to know that it's okay not to be right yet. I'm 6 days post op now and still not great. I'm trying to keep moving as much as I can but it really does hurt still. Although, last night I managed to sleep on my side again for the first time which was nice.

How long ago was yours? Did they find anything? xx

After my lap I wanted a wee as soon as I came round and was pretty doped up which I definitely think helped me be discharged the same day because once the medication had worn off I struggled with weeing and it actually took me bringing one leg up to my stomach whilst sat on the toilet for a couple days (quite the picture haha) to pee. But I also struggled moving around too I did all of about 15 steps and it felt like I had the most unbearable stitch so had to keep sitting down. Getting to my partners car after my op took me 35mins on what should be a 5-10minute walk. I would advise you not to be too hard on yourself as everybody heals differently and some women seem to be able to bounce up (I certainly wasn’t one of them) and others need a little more self care. They are really rough on your organs when doing a lap so don’t expect too much of yourself and enjoy being able to rest up, get some sleep and catch up on all the tv you wouldn’t be able to watch in everyday life.

I promise you that although you may not believe it you’re doing great!

Good luck xx

1yearwed18 in reply to Elm98

Thank you so much for your reply. I wish I had realised I had replies before now as it really does help knowing you're not alone.

I know exactly what you mean about the stitch thing and it feels unrelenting at the moment. I don't know if I also pulled muscles after the op as my sore body was retching to be sick with the after effects of the anaesthetic.

You're right about not being too hard on myself but it's hard when you feel like you're just being useless and got so much to do but of course I know the stress won't help either.

How are you doing now if you don't mind me asking? Everything is so up in the air for me at the moment until I see the consultant again. xxx

Elm98 in reply to 1yearwed18

I always have seizures after anaesthetic and it’s really quite easy to pull muscles so it’s a possibility especially when they’ve had to cut muscles in your stomach area and you’re gagging to be sick.

I found that I just had to take walks places that had somewhere to sit down when I got tired and got the stitch pain but walking really helps with all the recovery even if you don’t feel the most up to it. My partner and I discovered some new parks round our city as there was benches everywhere and we just took it at a slow pace and when the stitch pain came we sat down for 5 minutes. when I wasn’t feeling up to a walk we would park up in the country open all the windows of the car and just relax in the car so I didn’t get cabin fever

I’m over a month post lap and finally have my follow up appointment next week. I’m feeling more human and I can move about just fine I do still get tired quite easily.

I’m actually awaiting my second period post lap to see how that is. My first one came 5 days after surgery (early actually) and because I was still healing it was really heavy and I had quite a lot of cramps but it was a different sort to what I had had before surgery so I’m hoping this next one will be less painful as surgeon managed to remove all my endo. So far so good though. Just have so many questions for my consultant now though I’ll be going in with a book full.

Everybody feels useless after surgery, I cried a good few times whilst recovering and got it all out but all I can tell you is a true cliche

It really does get better xxx

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