3.5 months post op

3.5 months after surgery and I'm still in pain, it's now only cyclical but the pain is far worse now than it ever has been. My periods are heavier and I'm spotting for a few days before I'm due, which is not normal for me. My gp thinks the pain is from the healing going on inside as I had rather extensive surgery. Ive had 4 cycles since my surgery and still not conceived. I was told to try upto 9 months after surgery and then we'd look at ivf. I'm seeing my specialist on Thursday and hoping for some more answers.

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  • Good luck with your meeting I am 2 months post lap. Still battling fatigue and stomach pain and dyspareunia and bladder issues and bloating. Very fed up with it all.

  • Thank you 😊 yes it's very trying still feeling crap, hope yours settles down soon

  • So glad I found your post. I'm 6 months post diagnostic lap' and I'm the worst I've ever been. Nobody seems to be listening - just here to let you know that I feel ya sister! Good luck with your treatment - all the best ❤️

  • Hey thank you 😊 it's comforting to know I'm not the only one still going through this even after having surgery to supposedly fix it. Good luck with yours too 💕

  • Hugs rachel239 6 months sounds like a long time. I hope you manage to get someone to listen to you soon.

  • If you had excision then it can take a while to start to feel better. If however it was ablation the. I'm afraid this may mean they didn't get the deep infiltrating endo and have missed some

    Can I suggest you join a closed Facebook group called endo revisited Uk as there's lids of help and advice there.

  • Hi Marcia it was excision surgery I had. They told me they managed to removed it all.

    Thanks for the advice, I'm already on that group too ☺

  • There's a file on that FB group that explains why it may take a while to feel the full benefits of excision - hopefully make you feel a bit better :-)

  • Brilliant thank you I'll go have a read

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