post laparoscopy not feeling at all right!

Im 6 days post op, and Ive not stopped getting the shakes since. Yesterday I couldn't stop crying and was just in an emotional tornado, today I woke up and had some tea and toast , had a bath and then vomitted it all up- didnt even feel sick it just came up. Is this like delayed reaction to anaesthetic? Im really struggling physically and mentally with the recovery

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  • Have you got temp or anything? Maybe you should pop to GP and just get checked make sure all is ok. It may just be your body recovering from GA and even though the scars small on the outside , inside theres alot of healing to be done, what did they do while in there ?

  • Just booked in to see GP today, going to get checked over. They removed some adhesions, some endo from pouch of douglas and some on right abdo wall. They said it was mild and superficial but Ive been in pain for 5 years and I wasnt prepared for how much the surgery would floor me. They said 2-3 days recovery in pre op assessment! Im day 6 and am just glazed over and exhausted.

  • I am sorry that you are having a tough time emotionally. I had endometriosis removed in the same area and adhesions removed from my entire lower stomach wall all the way to my bladder as well on March 4th. I feel like some surgeons do not give an accurate assessment of what the recovery time should be. I can tell you for me that I had a lot of pain, was limited in what I was able to do and emotionally a wreck for a solid two weeks. It took another week or two after that to be able to feel somewhat back to normal. It is hard but you will feel an improvement each day once you get through the toughest part. The shakes might be part of a reaction to the pain because I had a tendency to do that as well during my recovery and I felt very cold the first week and my lips would quiver too. I definitely would see what your GP says. It is always best to play it safe. I hope all goes well today.

  • Thanks for this. To add to it Ive become an emotional wreck and completely flipped out on my partner which I think has pushed him away forever :( And I know that mostly it was stress and panic from the surgery and thats not my normal behaviour. The GP checked me over and said Im fine but that the skin on my tummy was a bit bubbly/cling film like from the gas and that may be what made me sick....

    Just wasnt expecting to be such an emotional wreck!

  • I am glad everything went ok with GP. I did the same thing with my husband. What helped him to understand what I was going through was looking up some articles on doctor's websites to show how tough this recovery is as well as telling him what others said their recovery was like. It definitely wears on them too and can make it frustrating because they do not know what we are going through. Maybe trying to help your partner to understand may improve things for you emotionally too.

  • 2-3 days is a crazy expectation to give(in my opinion anyway 😔) no wonder you feel awful 2-3 days I would think for the gas to go maybe and GA would floor you too for good few days 😔 2 weeks like other people have said is more realistic and sometimes a bit longer having our insides messed with takes a while for our bodies and minds to absorb nevermind the pain and healing. And all the build up to having it done too grrrrr it annoys me whe they give mad expectations of healing cos it's makes you feel rubbish if you can't manage that rate of recovery. don't worry be really kind to yourself don't push it I the think 2-3 weeks is "normal" recovery but we all different and go into op at different levels of health too........ you be kind to yourself

  • You don't have to worry I think. They said the same to me but I didn't fully recover until after more than a week.

  • I had my lap Tuesday before last, at about the 5 day mark I also had shakes, it lasted for a few days, it has totally gone now, still got a huge amount of bloating (wasn't expecting it to last this long) and my mood and clear thinking have now improved, just a bit sore around the scars, feels like bruising. You should find every day you feel a little better than the day before xx

  • I'm also 6days post op and the shakes have been horrendous, were you on any strong medication before during or even now? I was given a lot of morphine oral before op and interavenous after op, the withdrawl was really bad second and third day I was also on Dihydrocodinine, diclofenic, gabapentin, paracetomal high dosage of all all eight a day though diclofenic was 3 per day I stupidly though I'd be ok to cut to just gabapentin and paracetomal sat and Sunday again withdrawl has been rubbish and shakes one minute hot next shivering at doc again today as feel as if someone us stuck a burning hot poker inside my viginal and wounds leaking, blood and protein in urine slight discharge on internal exam so swabs sent away just feel floored. This is my second assisted lap with treatment and felt so much better after last one, gp has suggested I stay on all painkillers and go back if no improvement, hope you are resting and being well looked after take care and hope things improve for you shame xxxx

  • I'm 2 weeks post lap today & I have struggled so much emotionally I have started on antidepressants. Having had chronic pain for months, the op pushed me over the edge mentally. Be gentle with yourself & know that recovery is generally 2weeks plus. It will get easier, hugs x

  • Are you taking codeine??

    Sounds exactly like how I reacted!

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