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5 1/2 weeks after diag lap

Hi guys

So i am 5 1/2 weeks after my first ever diagnostic lap( they found nothing but i clot to quick).

I still have stitches in belly button, they came out of either side incisions but i still get very sore and bruised and feel like it pulling when stand for to long....

I went to a wedding yesterday thinking i was fine and by 8 in evening i was shattered, i was wearing heels and it was hurting my top thigh and pulling stomach and i had bad lower back ache and just felt really knackered!

I have woke up this morning and i literally feel like i been hit by bus all stomach hurt to touch and turn. Basically like i been working out and done 300 sit ups, is this normal? Or should i feel much stronger by now?? I had a few set backs ie went back to work to quick and hurt meself and also had a bladder infection.

Just wanted some reasurance as most people are like " oh ur b fine after 2-3 weeks" and i still feel battered!

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Hi Lulububs,

It sounds to me like you pushed yourself too far too soon and did to much and now paying the price for it.

You may need to take a bit more time out I would suggest you go talk to your GP about how you are feeling. It could be completely unrelated to the op of course infections themselves can sometimes leave you with a fatigue that can last a couple of weeks if you already had an anaesthetic then infection you must be everso run down. It will get better but be kind to yourself and listen to your body x

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Hey XXX it took me 5 weeks to get back to work after my diagnostic lap. This time round after my excision I am 51/2 weeks too. My stitches are still in belly button too. I flake out after any activity exercise whatsoever and am hoping for phased rtw after another 3 weeks but even that may be optimistic.

You're not alone. Xxx

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Oh guys im so sorry ur feeling same but u have made me feel so much better, i really questioned why i cant seem to get it together, my minds strong my bodies not..

My stomach feels so bruised, after my first proper full day out yesterday at a wedding i literally havent been able to move today, my whole body ache especially sides and belly but i supose i used muscles i not used for a while.

Good to hear were all in same boat so i kinda feel normal



I had a lap on Saturday came home yesterday it's so sore at present I will be taking on board both your experiences and listening to my own advice lol. Got a sick note for three weeks fingers crossed no more but maybe start preparing for 5 psychologically. They didn't find much endo this time which is good as I'm much older so there is hope it improves a bit as hormones start to diminish, sorted out adhesions took biopsy and diagnosed fibroids with the adenomyosis put in coil. I was in pain when I went down not had a op for endo in 17 years it's hard to remember the details x

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Yeh i just didnt know what to expect i hadnt had one before and they said oh ur b fine in couple days back at work in 2 weeks??

So u start questioning it " why am i not ok in two weeks"? Is there something wrong?

I just think everyone different, i got infection in bladder after and i suffer with sciatica on the bad side so it all rolled into one at mo...

It was a hard day though, i thought 5 weeks il b ok for a wedding but i wasnt really, it was to much for me... i slept all day yesterday!

Just listen to ur body and dont rush back to work or rush about as u will only put irself back

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