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Endo, unsure, pain for 4weeks


Hi there I’m new to this, I’ve been in agony since 7th/8th July, went to doctors 11th July pain in bum (sharp stabbing pains) and pain in pubic area and they sent off a water sample, came back clear, pain was bearable, up until the 2nd/3rd week were I could hardly walk, went back to the doctors who did swabs to check for cervical infection etc, was put on metrodizanol and ofloxacin (antibiotics) these worked the pain was going, 31st July swab results were back, all clear no infection, so booked an appointment with doctor again as the antibiotics were making me feel rubbish, who suggested that I only do 7 days which took it to the 1st August, no infection showing so didn’t need the 2 weeks worth of antibiotics, on the 4th August pains started gradually coming back, been back to the doctors today as pain getting worse, they are sending me for an ultrasound and blood test, I go abroad next week and don’t want to be in agony over there is there anything you can suggest to help me with the pain while the doctors try to figure out what is wrong, they have mentioned endometriosis but not officially diagnosed.

Sorry for the long post and thanks for any replies :)

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Hi there,

Sorry to hear you’re feeling rubbish- I think the majority of us on here can sympathise as have had this first hand too.

I got given mefenamic acid which I took with 30/500mg sulphadol- it didn’t take the pain away completely but took the edge off. I also got weekly acupuncture and then got the needles which are left in you and that definitely helped a lot- if you can get acupuncture that would be my best advice for you as it’s natural and helps to balance your body.

I drink caffeine free raspberry leaf tea, and take calcium and magnesium tablets too - not sure if they help but definitely not made anything worse.

Hope this helps!

Can anything serious happen with endometriosis? As the travel insurance won’t cover me for this as it’s not an official diagnosis and still under investigation, I’m really worried about something happening while I’m abroad :(

The worst thing is a potential cyst rupturing and the unbearable pain - I’m not a doctor but I’ve not heard of anyone being rushed in for emergency surgery because of endo? especially as it takes so long for drs to diagnose. I would contact your doctor and get a professional opinion as honestly, I don’t actually know- sorry! xx

No worries hun thank you for your reply :) xx

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