Please help I'm at my wits end this pain is so bad ๐Ÿ˜”

Hello there,

Hope your all ok? Just after some help/advice I can't take this much longer. I had mirena coil fitted on Feb 10th, since having this done I have had nothing but severe tummy pains I am in agony. I have been back to the doctors today for the 4th time since having it done including one trip to out of hours. They took swabs and urine sample last week had to have them redone today as they were inconclusive. I have been given more antibiotics today my third lot in the space of a week. I sit here writing this doubled over in pain crying with how bad it is. They said today I have to ring up Friday for my results and if the pain is bad see my doctor again who will send me for a scan.

Please help I'm at my wits end is it really meant to be this bad? Is this pain normal what's happening to me? I am so worried

Joely xx


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  • Can you describe the pain?

    Have you had children? I think the Mirena can cause worse cramping for ladies that haven't had children but I don't think it should be as painful as it sounds. Has your doctor offered to remove it? Xx

  • It's like a really sharp intense pain is the best way I can describe it, no I haven't had children, they have said I have to ring Friday for my results then I have to book in with a gp then they will request a scan if need be ๐Ÿ˜” I have just tried to 'examine' to feel for the strings and I cried with the pain and couldn't feel anything but I don't know if this is just due to the pain or if the strings have moved xx

  • If you feel like the pain is getting out of control and you can't cope with it please go to A&E. At the very least they will be able to give you decent pain meds.

  • When I have my Mirena put in last year it took at least a couple of months to settle, it has helped with the bleeding. If your experiencing that much pain get them to remove it. In the beginning I did get sharp intense pains but it did settle x

  • I had the same after getting a coil fitted, the gp prescribed antibiotics but I got worse so went back. He sent me straight to A&E, he was going to phone me an ambulance but I said no as my husband and was outside with the car, turns out I had sepsis and was only a few hours away from septic shock. The hospital said some women just can't have a coil, something to do with bacteria that can live in your tubes. I'm not saying you have sepsis but please keep an eye on your symptoms just incase, increased temperature and heartrate etc. x

  • Hi there!

    Sorry to hear about your pain :(

    I had the coil fitted during a laparoscopy obv the 30th jan. I didn't really have any issues at first, I think my body was dealing with the pain from the laparoscopy but now that's settled I definitely experience sharp stabbing pains daily. It has settled down in the past 3 days. I can't feel any strings though xxx

  • Sorry to hear your having so much trouble, i really feel for you :( i had the coil fitted a few years ago and had nothing but trouble! I had severe migraines where i couldnt even lift my head and the pain was ridiculous, but my gyne was so set on it and that i had to ride it out. I managed to last a year and had it taken out by a different gyne at my next operation as i just couldnt cope with it! The coil can stirr up so many problems, im sorry to say me, my mum and sister have all tried the coil for different reasons and all of us have had different trouble with it! My sister lost a stone in weight and was constantly sick and her bleeding actually got heavier! I know they are professionals but you know whats best for your body and if it doesnt feel right dont settle for anything, you have to live with the pain day in day out!!! I know it does take a while to settle down but it sounds like its had a really bad effect on you and is effecting your everyday life, they have to listen to your concerns! Just remember these things are meant to help us, not destroy our lives even more xxx

  • Thank you all for your messages it's so true we should trust our own judgement after a night doubled over in pain I went to my GP this morning who tried to examine me for the strings but couldn't due to the pain she rang the hospital who requested to see me straight away as an 'emergency' initial talk about me being admitted. A lovely lady carried out a tummy and internal can I was then seen downstairs by the consultant who fitted the coil who said no way should you be in this pain we are taking it out, he took it out there and then very very painful and lots of blood. Was at the hospital 7 hours in total now resting at home very exhausted and in pain. They are seeing me in clinic in 2 weeks to see where we go from here, help any advise what will I be able to have next now I can't have the coil? Xx

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