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Pain pain pain!!!!

Hi girls,

Just need to talk to someone who knows what I'm going through and the pain...

I am 2 weeks after surgery for a total hysterectomy and bowel resection

I have to go back to the hospital next week to have my stents removed four of them.

The thing is that I have an infection feel s like cystitis gone through 2 boxes of the cystitis sachets you get from the chemist and no joy so I went to my gp he gave me a weeks worth of citral opram and it didn't work so went back to my go and got some more antibiotics and I'm at the end of my teather I'm in so much pain I've slept on the toilet for god knows how many nights now

I'm weeing blood and took a sample to the Dr's they said it doesn't show any Infection

..any advice is desperately needed

Thanks for taking the time to read this

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I'm sorry I can't be of any help to you, only thing I can suggest is going up the doctors everyday demanding to talk to someone who knows what they are going on about or maybe try and talk to your surgeon? also I am curious to know what is bowel resection? sorry I couldn't be any help. I hope the pain gets better! Xxx


Thank you for your reply it's nice to here someone understands and a bowel resection is just the Dr's way of saying that they have taken away some of my small bowel. .....


I just wanted to leave a note to say keep strong and keep badgering your doctor or consultant. Also, I use the facebook support group to ask questions when I need advice from other endo angels as well as HealthUnlocked. If you have facebook then I recommend using that group as well. All the ladies on there are lovely and there is always someone who is in the same scenario as you. Take care & hope you get better very soon! X


Hello Clare123 I can totally understand exactly how you feel. I had my Hysterectomy May '13 prior to this I was fitted with 2 stents in November'12 due to an endo mass encasing my ureters. This was to be the worst 6 months of my endo journey. I was constantly on antibiotics the pain on urinating was horrendous. It affected my ability to walk far as I was experiencing a strange ache in my back made me feel nauseous:(. They were supposed to be removed when I had my hysterectomy which I was desperately hoping would've have been sooner. I was told they could stay in no longer than 6 months. They left them to help with the healing. I couldn't have been more disheartened ! Another 6 weeks omg I went to have them out. The first came out ok, the other was calcified so I had to go under and have it removed. I can tell you this once they're gone the pain is gone! The relief to pee without pain was instant after having one removed. After having both out I could continue to recover. They did hold me back with my recovery but hopefully yours will be out very soon and you can pee freely. They are bloody wretched things but be assured your pain will go when they go.. Good luck and thinking if you just remember it won't be for long. Hugs Jane x

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Thank you soooo much jane u don't know how good it is to have someone understand what I'm going through. Thank you so much for your reply. ...


Keep strong lovely let us know how you get on. Drink loads . I got myself cranberry tablets from Holland and Barrett's. They didn't help that much but I took them for a bit after the stents were out. Not long now lovely and maybe they might bring the removal forward.fingers crossed:) xxx jane


Hi Clare after reading your post about those wretched stents I have been wondering how you are. Have you had them removed yet? I do hope so and you're now a lot more comfortable:). Hugs J

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Thank you .Yes I had my stents removed 3rd December and boy was it painful..

That same evening I had really bad stomach cramps and back ache

The next day though I'm feeling a whole lot better no more pain when passing urine and no more feeling like I have cystitus and bursting to go to the loo all the time

I'm feeling a whole lot better now I have had those horrible stents removed

..Thank u for yr post and concerns big hugs back at u ....happy Christmas

To all u angels.


That's so good to hear:)) Have a super Xmas yourself


Hi Clare123. Sorry that I can't be of any help with regards to the cystitis and bowel resection side of things. However, I had a total hysterectomy just over a year ago, and can reassure you that the pain does take a little while to calm down and go away. Remember that you will have a massive amount of internal bruising inside of you from the operation. What you see on the top, is just the tip of the iceberg. This will take time to calm down and for the pain to stop. I know how much urinating hurts, as I had an infection - although it was never officially diagnosed, but I begged the hospital for something as was in so much pain and they gave me some prophylactic antibiotics, which worked, so must have been something there.

Just be strong. I remember thinking, why on earth did I have this operation? Why did I do this? But it DOES get better. The swelling WILL go down. The pain WILL ease. But it just takes time.

Get plenty of rest. If you feel like you have a urinary infection, drink cranberry juice and lots and lots of water. I hope that you get the help that you need and you start to feel better. Lots of love xx


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