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How long does it take for prednisolone to work please ( rectal foam )


Hi everyone

I’m writing to you all as I’m in needing help ..

Since January 2018 ... I have been very ill and I had a lower abdo pain on my left side ... obviously I have symptoms like bleeding ( back passage etc) ..

I have pain so much money to private consultats I even had. A laparoscopic surgery last week just to completely ‘ rule ‘ out the possibility of having endo...

I had to stop teaching in May as I was in so much pain I could not cope anymore . I was misdiagnosed 8 times and was on different medication .. I had two colonoscopies ( I always ask for second opinion) and even though I have been told I have chronic inflammation ... no doctors helped me ..

But something miracle happened to me today ... I started to use steroids (rental )and I feel

That my burning sensation ha reduced ....

Salofalk , asacol did not help so far ..

To cut the story

I would like to ask everyone out there the following ; how long does it take for pred to work ??

Thank you very much ?!!!!!

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