Endometriosis Diet ... does it work?

I am 19 and have a very severe form of Endometriosis. Still recovering from extensive surgery I had about 7 weeks ago. I have been told to try this diet as it will help but it seems like SO much stuff I can't have! I have cut out dairy completely, so on almond milk for breakfast at the moment. Trying to cut out gluten as much as possible and eating LOADS of fruit. But does this diet actually work?

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  • it depends what you mean by work, I think. Some women say they have less pain, others find it makes no difference. There is no evidence that it reduces progression of Endo or cures it. my personal feeling is that if you're eating a lot of white carbs and red meat and switch instead to brown rice and fish, you are going to feel better simply because it's a healthier diet. I was gluten and dairy free for a year and sadly it didn't work for me but my disease was severe and I had a good diet anyway. I have remained caffeine and alcohol free.

  • hi, I have been on Endo diet for 4 months since surgery, cutting out diary and gluten. Sadly I have not noticed any improvement in my symptoms and I did eat a lot of diary and gluten so I was optimistic. I think I will continue with it as I'm used to it now and I dont want the Endo getting worse. A lot of people say I look better since cutting out diary and gluten (my skin is better). I have a follow up next month and I am unfortunately going on pill or hormonal treatment as holistic means haven't worked for me :(

  • There really is no science behind the diet. I have tried it too but there is no cure for endo. Don't put that burden on yourself. It's a disease that requires removal like cancer.

  • I just feel like I am cutting SO much food out its unreal. I know there isnt a cure (yet) but my Nurse told me for my age, my condition is the worst she has seen and trying this diet is worth a shot! I have got a mirena coil in atm. Suppose just eating healthier and being more active will help. Thank you for your reply :)

  • I switched to the endo diet about three years ago as I suffered with horrendous bloating and pain. Cutting out the dairy and the gluten made a huge difference for me and really helped improve my symptoms. It is a tough transition and it isn't a cure but it did help reduce some of my symptoms. I would recommend one part plant a cook book my Jessica Murnane. She is an endo sufferer who changed to the endo diet and now has a recipe book you can follow that I found really helpful. Hope thst helps xxx

  • I had tried everything, most every kind of bc pill, major surgeries- finally flying to a top excision specialist in the USA- that helped in many ways, but still really painful periods. So they all made me get the Mirena- that was a disaster and just came out after 4 months. I've been left with nothing (I had a meltdown from constant pain and narcotics), and my last resort is diet, which is really a lifestyle. I tried this as my first method almost a decade ago and gave up right away. But that was because it was such a sacrifice and I only thought about what I couldn't have- I had no support system. Now I've signed up with an online group- nutritionist specializing in hormone imbalance and I'm not only eating really clean and taking supplements, but also focusing on mindset, meditation, upping cardio workouts and stress management. It's funny because I have always had a really healthy diet BUT I still had gluten, alcohol, dairy, sugar and soy here and there. I wasn't super strict about it. Now I've done it for almost 2 months and I started my first period post-Mirena today. I'm not going to say it's pain-free, but it's not ratcheting up to that level of sending me to my knees in the bathroom. This makes me extremely hopeful and that it can get even better from here. Trust me, a Percocet/Morphine pain level period has not happened ever since endo really got ahold of me many years ago. I know it seems impossible to not take them, but all the pain meds really kill your liver, and that creates a vicious cycle of more pain and inflammation since you can't detox all the excess bad hormones and it just gets worse and worse. So here I am going cold turkey! And hopefully as close as possible to pain-free.

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