How long does prostap take to work?

Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. Here's a bit of info on me.

I'm 38 years old and have been diagnosed with frozen pelvis endometriosis when having a laparoscopy done last November. I have recently been seen by my consultant who has put me on the waiting list for a hysterectomy, but in the meantime I am having monthly prostap injections and am on hrt for the side effects. I had my first injection 1 1/2 weeks ago and am still constantly bleeding and suffering from pain on and off!

Does anyone have any ideas how long it takes to start to work as I'm soooo fed up with this now!

Many thanks


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  • I've had Prostap twice and on both occasions I really felt the benefit after the second injection, so about a month into being on Prostap xx

  • Thankyou, will try and bear with it! Xx

  • I stared a month ago and I still get the same endo pains and symptoms and get alot of hot sweats more at night than the day. good luck

  • I haven't had any sweats yet! Good luck to you too! Xx

  • Hello,

    I'm on Prostap 3 & didn't really see much benefit until my second injection, it was accidentallygiven a month earlier than should of been so it took 2 months before I saw any difference xxx

  • Thankyou, will hopefully see some difference in a few weeks x

  • Hi Emm, I have had 3 prostap injections - I bled for the first seven weeks and haven't bled now for the last two weeks (had my third injection one week ago). Have not had any menopausal symptoms as on add-back hrt. Initially I was given kliovance which gave me terrible migraines, changed to livial and so far so good.

    Persevere with the prostap, it does take time. Good luck x

  • Thanks Sidney, hopefully things will settle down xx

  • It'll probably take at least a month to settle after your first injection. I was on it for 18m but this month is my last sadly as my bone density scan came back with some issues. Hang in there as things should start to calm down very soon. x

  • Thanks bexstar! Hope u get sorted xx

  • I had it earlier this year - I didn't have HRT addback with it and went into menopause at the end of week 3 (though when I had decapeptyl with HRT it took a bit longer to go into menopause). It's normal for things to be rough in the first month as you get a hormone surge before your ovaries switch off. Hang in there. x.

  • Thanks Hun xx

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