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Laparoscopy with diathermy to endo


Hi I recently (last Tuesday) had a hysteria copy and laparoscopy with dye test plus diathermy to widespread stage 2 endo with pelvic washout and cervical cautery.

Started having vaginal bleeding today, not heavy, is this normal?

I initially had some bleeding (minor) for the first day and a half and felt ok first 2 days post op then the tiredness hit. And rested for 2 days. Went back to work today but had cramps overnight and then started bleeding again this morning. I'm still really bloating but pain is minimal.

Is this normal?

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Hey, I'm guessing you mean hysteroscopy?! Sounds about right.

I didn't have cervical cautery, but did have cervical chemical treatment (chemical burning) to remove cervical ectropion - it's after effects are the same though - that caused bleeding and a bit of cramping the next day.

I had they hysteroscopy with my diagnostic lap and removal of endo - I did have some bleeding the next few days from the hysteroscopy. I then had bleeding again about a week later - kind of like a period but a lot shorter and lighter - I left it a few weeks and kept track of my cycles - they've changed to my period being on that day a month later rather than two weeks later (as predicted). When I had a chat at my follow up with my specialist (2 weeks after lap and a week after random bleed) he did say sometimes the body goes into shock from the op and all the poking around, so it can alter cycles.

Hope that helps xx

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Thank you and yes meant hysteroscopy damn auto correct. 8 days post op and my bloat finally seems to be going down. Still bleeding but not like a period, it's brown but watery. I'll give it til Friday then maybe get in touch with the consultant to check all ok.

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sounds like you're doing well xx

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