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Recovery from laparoscopy

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I've recently been diagnosed with endometriosis after 2-3 years of pain. 2 weeks ago I had a laparoscopy for a diagnosis, they found slight endometriosis and managed to remove it straight away. Whilst in the operation, I also had the mirena coil fitted. I've had 2 weeks recovery (off work), and I am now currently back at work. The first recovery week was difficult with the pain and feeling bruised and tender. The second week I felt much better and was able to do more things than I thought I could. The last 4/5 days I have had very very bad cramps/belly pain that has made me unable to move/walk and has be sobbing. The pain is indescribable. Is it normal to have such heavy and excruciating pain? I'm beginning to become very worried as it is not easing off and I have also had very bad/heavy bleeding. Can anyone relate to this?

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You're still healing internally also as you're newly fitted with the coil that's also "settling" in. IF you become worried then contact your GP.

I am the same had two laparoscopy last year was unsuccessful and another in January this year and still in pain

If you are worried always speak to someone but that does sound like the effects of the mirena and surgery. I bled non stop for 6 weeks with mine and had one day when I couldn't walk, but then it stopped my periods altogether and it settled to a mild niggly pelvic pain. You also have inflammation from the surgery itself to cope with which can take 3 months or so to settle and heal internally, and periods tend to be heavy and more painful during that time.

Hang in there sweetie xx

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That’s put my mind at ease. I’ll see how I find it all until May, I’ve got a check up with the coil then so hopefully they will be able to explain a bit more. If I knew this when I had the surgery I would feel a lot better and not be worried. But I was given no advice for what to expect after the op. Thankyou xx

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Starry in reply to athomp98

Most of us aren't and the oft quote 2 week lap recovery time doesn't help. I found this article of use, it describes the body's internal healing process and what to expect.

Hi Athomp98,

I am sorry to hear you are suffering. Our next online support group meeting is specifically for newly diagnosed and thought you might be interested in joining:

Best Wishes,

M Mary

Volunteer Moderator

Almost 2 years after lap and I am still in pain. The lap caused a hernia plus recurring endo....

In your case however it could be due to trapped gas. They pump your abdomen full of gas for a better view. It may not all have escaped yet. Plus as someone else mentioned it takes time to heal.

Good luck. Hope you feel better soon.

Hi! I'm 6 weeks post op today. I went in for an exploratory laparoscopy and hysteroscopy and while I was under they also fitted me with the mirena. My gyno didn't actually tell me before my operation any of the side effects that may come from the mirena. However I just agreed to get in as it was my last option. I originally ended up taking two weeks off from work, however I ended up having to take 3. They found endometriosis on my left pelvic wall and burnt that off. The first week after my surgery I was in quite a lot of pain mostly due to the gas pain. After the gas pain subsided that's when I started feeling the cramps and the pain in my stomach which felt exactly like really bad period pain caused by the endometriosis. It was that bad that at most points during the pain, I could not move nor get off the couch. My gyno didn't give me any pain relief so the only thing that I had was just mild Panadol from the shop. So I rang the gyno and asked if he could get me something stronger and he happily prescribed me with panadeine forte. This eased the pain slightly, however there was still points we're it was quite bad and I wanted to get the Mirena out. However after reading that it takes approximately 6 months to calm down I decided to give it until my 6 week post op appointment with him which was yesterday. After the 3rd week my cramps definitely died down and aren't as bad anymore however sometimes I still get the occasional really really bad one. Also I was told after my operation that I would bleed for a couple of days which I did very very slightly and it actually continued for about two weeks so I can't comment on the bleeding because I'm still on and off spotting and I haven't had a proper period yet even though I'm overdue for one but I would just say that that's a side effect from the Mirena. I hope this information puts you at ease a little bit so you know that you're not the only one going through it. Good luck with everything and I hope the pain and bleeding comes down for you

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