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Endo back 2 months after Laparoscopy


Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone had a Laparoscopy excision and then been put on a pill which has failed to manage the endo by causing heavy and constant (every 10 days or so!) bleeding? I was put on Cerazette and unfortunately I bleed a lot on it for the first three months. I went to have an ultrasound and my endo was back :( The pains on my left thigh and groin are still there too, since BEFORE the Lap! I'm so pissed off and upset. My gyno said that it's cos of the pill which caused me a lot of bleeding. The endo is small but it's still causing me a lot of pain on my thigh and I can't really exercise :((

Anyone had the same bad experience straight after Lap. excision?


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I’ve had lap for endo twice, but neither time have I used the pill afterwards, so I’m afraid I can’t help you there.

However I did want to ask if you’d considered the Mirena coil? It works local to the area, and has been an absolute god send for stopping my bleeding.

Obviously I have had to have a lap twice, but my first was when I was 16 and my second when I was 19. I did get a solid three years before I needed the surgery again (my ovary had adhered to my pelvic floor), which my Gyno has said would’ve been much quicker if I didn’t have my coil.

Just something to consider! Hope it you get sorted though! Any other questions about the coil or whatever, just let me know :)

Hi Littleblackkatx,

thanks so much for your message.

Oh I see. Well, I am considering the coil, if the pill makes me bleed ONE MORE TIME! I'm just waiting now that it's month no. 4 and see if it stops or not, at last!

The coil sounds like the same as the pill, in the sense that it works for some women but does not work for others. Even with Cerazette, many women said they did not have any periods at all, but some did, and I'm one of the unlucky ones. So, I'm just terrified that even the coil would cause me the same thing. Some women still bled a lot with the coil..

But if this pill still doesn't work, I'll definitely go for it.

What stage endo are you if I may ask? I have moderate endo but the thigh pain which I think the ovary adhesions are causing can be quite bad :( and I can't exercise or walk for long periods of time. I get so fatigued. I wake up fatigued really. I also have horrible pains from the inside of my vagina/uterus. It's horrible and there's nothing I can do about it as it's coming from inside...

When did you have the coil fitted?


I’ve now had a coil for 4 years. I was on the pill before the coil and my endo diagnosis, but it didn’t do anything to stop my bleeding and if anything I found it made it worse. ( I later found the contraceptive injection was even worse.)

I think statistically the coil stops more periods than any other contraception because it locally acting rather than through your bloodstream.

Just thought it would be something you could consider. If you can I would definitely recommend having it done whilst you are under anaesthetic. I actually had my coil replaced in December even though it had 18 months left because it meant I could have it done whilst they did the lap rather than when I was awake. I’ve heard it can be quite painful to put in but is painless to remove!!

Hope this helps!

Thanks very much for this! I'm on day 6 of my period (again), after 10 days from the last period... and it's still very heavy every day!! So I'm calling my specialist today to let him know I want to come off. It's the only way. I think that now that I'm on my 4th month in with this pill, I know that the pattern won't change... I'll bleed forever if I stay on it!

thanks again. I'm terrified of having the coil fitted without the operation but my GP has done it and other women must have done it too... so hopefully I'll survive.. :D xxx I guess I'll just have to try.

I think you’re doing the right thing!!

I wouldn’t worry too much about having the coil fitted. Obviously you can talk through it with your GP, but I’ve spoke to loads of people that have had it done ( I was simply going to have mine replaced normally before I found out the endo needed surgery again). And whilst it’s not pleasant for a short moment whilst it’s inserted, its fine afterwards. Most people I know have even gone on to have another so it can’t be all bad!

Good luck! If you do go with the coil and have any questions later on, feel free to ask :)

Yes, I think I should try it out. And if it doesn't work I'll ask to have it out.. But this pill is not working for me. I just hope that I won't bleed on it constantly as I did on this horrible pill!

I should have had it fitted during my first laparoscopy :( now my endometriosis is bad again cos of this pill. Oh well. x

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