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Month 4 of cerazette-having a lighter period but the pain is still pretty bad.

So I started taking cerazette to try to help my heavy painful periods. I bled for the first 2 months, heavy and lighter days, then had a few weeks, normal period and now this month I had about 32 days of no.bleeding and then the pain started about 2 days prior to my period I had lower back pain that wouldn't budge. Then my period arrives, 3 days in the bleeding not too heavy, nothing like it used to be, but the pain is almost as bad as ever!

Has anyone else experienced this? I. Hoping his will be a short period and the pain will improve over time too!

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Hi, Nero! I'm sorry but have nothing to say on the point. Never used such a medical. But your story hints on that what if this is not the right medical for you? You see, 4 months is a pretty long period as for feeling no bettering. Are you sure your doc won't find another option for you. This cannot continue like this.

Make sure you'll not have any complications later. Consult your gyn again.

Wish you good luck x


Have seen some improvement in terms of how heavy my period is and the pain is a little better. Going to persevere a bit longer. Doctor said to go back if no improvement to try something else. :)


I was on cerazette for ten months, it stopped my periods but did nothing for the pain which I still experienced twice a month at ovulation time and period time.


Thanks , I'm going to give it a couple of months longer as I'm seeing some improvement just slowly :) fingers crossed!

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Hi - when you say pain do you still mean just in the upper abdomen or do you get pelvic pain?


Pelvic. When I showed my gp where I experience it she said it was "typical period pain region". I used to think it was my uterus lining shedding and cramping as I would get "lumps" of tissue not all liquidised as it should be but I'm no longer sure.

To be fair to my gp I have had painful periods since I started having periods 8 years ago but have only properly complained about it in that 6 months.


I should monitor your symptoms over the next few months and record them but be aware that contraceptives can mask progression of endo. Heavy and painful periods that are so bad that they significantly affect normal life are not normal so you may want further investigations if you find yourself in that situation.


I've bought myself a daily diary from pound land and record periods and what I do and eat daily to try and help with another ongoing health problem too :)


Hi Nero13.

I was cerazette for 5 years until a nearly 2 months ago when i stopped due to possible endo (still waiting for diagnosis)

I found cerazette worked wonders for me. Took about 6 months for my body to get used to it but eventually my periods completely stopped apart from the odd spotting here and there. The only in convienience for me was having to remember to take iot every day (but a phone alarm soon sorted that out :) )

About 2 months ago my period did come back and it was worse than ever extremely painful and very heavy which is nothing like it used to be before i started taking it. i was advised to stop taking it for 3 months just incase what i was experiencing was due to a possible hormone inbalance due to being on the pill for 5 years with no break. Turns out it was due to another ovarian cyst and another which looks like a endo cyst on my uterus.

I would personally give it another couple of months and see what happens. If it still doesnt change go back to the Dr's and see if they can offer you something different. Maybe Cerazette just doesnt agree with you this does happen. My sister suffered terribly due to a pill she was on, changed it and her symptoms completely changed for the better.


I think it is helping a bit, slowly, I've been given another 6 months worth but told to go back if I don't feel it's helping or any problems in that time as I started out bleeding constantly but seems to be settling.

I plan to take 6 months worth total before making a decision. I'm no worse off if I have a painful period on it than off it as far as I'm concerned it's worth a try!

It is very reassuring to hear it works for some though and that what I'm going through is normal so thank you for the reply!

I told my gp I went online searching when I first started taking it and she supported that decision where as I thought all doctors were against symptom googling!


Just give it time and see what happens. I think most GPs are against it due to most people self diagnosing and making themself panic due to wrong information they found online. I dont think there is anything wrong with doing your own research.....Thats what most of us are on there for :)


I agree. I'm not really a panicker I just like to know as much information as possible. When I started taking cerazette I was told I might not get any more periods and not that I might bleed constantly for the best part of 2 months!

Thanks again!


Hi, sorry to post on such an old thread but can I just ask how did you get on with Cerazette in the end? I have just started my 3rd packet. Had a very long period month 1, then a slightly shorter one month 2 but then bled on and off most of that month. Then had nearly 2 blissful weeks of nothing and it's just started again. I want to stick with it. I am on Cerazette for the same reason - very heavy (although completely painless, sorry!) periods.



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