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Painful sex and heavy bleeding after

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Hello everyone,

Hope this isn't to much information lol. Just wanna know what's wrong with me.

I am finding sex incredibly painful and I get a burning sensation in my tummy afterwards as well as really heavy bleeding.

I had my first lap about 4 weeks ago now and no endo was found. But what they did find was my ovary was stuck to my pelvic floor wall, so they released it there and then. I was told that that must be what was causing the pain in the first place and I should be fine. 3 weeks down the line I started to get abdominal pain again along with extreme tiredness, feeling sick, aching joints and extremely painful sex and bleeding after.

Before I had my lap I didn't try to have sex for 6 months because it was so unbearable. Finding out the news after my lap made me think everything must be sorted and that the ovary sticking must be why it was so painful. Sadly it hasn't mad much of a difference.

I also seem to be constantly getting infections and have been on so many antibiotics this year it's ridiculous.

Just wandering if this is a symptom of endo and if so could they of mist it in my lap?

Has anyone els been through a similar problem to me? Xx

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Have you been tested for PID? As that can cause your symptoms and causes scarring which would explain your ovary sticking x

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Suzileverell in reply to lizzyxx

That's a very good point I haven't just talking to my other half about it and he said his mum suffered from that and it sounds similar. I'm going to see my Dr next Thursday so I'll ask about that. X

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lizzyxx in reply to Suzileverell

I had it a few years ago and my symptoms were very similar, hope you get some answers soon x

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Suzileverell in reply to lizzyxx

Oh that's interesting, how did they diagnose it? I hope you're feeling better now xx

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lizzyxx in reply to Suzileverell

It was a few years back but I think it was a swab and an internal, I bled on contact when I was examined and needed an injection to treat it. I have endometriosis now but was told I have scarring aswel due to the PID xx

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Suzileverell in reply to lizzyxx

Oh that sounds horrible you poor thing! That's something I'm going to ask my Dr about as it does sound like that could be what the problem is. Xx

If I was you I’d be interested to know if 1) your gyne was an endo specialist

2) if a biopsy was taken to see ‘what’ was sticking your ovary to your pelvic floor-my understanding is that endometrial tissue can cause this. Hope you get sorted 💛

I did think about that as my gyne isn't an endo specialist I just went to this one because it was the closest one. When I was referred I didn't know anything about endo so didn't think as I did have a choice of different one's. I just assumed they would all be just as good as each other. Now wish I had

gone to another one.

Thank you X

Hey, have you been tested for an STDs. This was the first thing my doctors did to rule them out as some can cause painful sex and bleeding.

Also maybe your body is still healing from your lap as your inside take a while to heal compared to external cuts etc. Xx

I have several times now as they said I have to have the test's before I could get referred to gyne to rule it out.

That's true I am an inpatient person as well lol maybe I need to give it more time. Xx

Haha yeah like apparently it can take up to 3 months to heal internally depending on what was done during the lap and the individuals health etc xx

Oh blimey! Because I was told to take 1 to 2 weeks off work I assumed it would only take that long to recover. Thinking about it now I guess it would take along time to recover properly. Xx

I play golf and I’ve been told to take a month off at least but it depends on what they do during the lap. Insides take long to heal xx

Ahh that's interesting. I'm a dog Walker and trainer so I lead a fairly active life. I think the hospital said 1 to 2 weeks because they only moved my ovary back to where it should be. But I guess being on my feet all day can't be much good for it. Although I have walking at a slow pace at the moment. Xx

Yeah just takes things slow and your own pace xx

I was the same but thankfully was enlightened by the amazing ladies on here and asked for a specialist (pestered unforgivingly!)-it’s put my lap date back abit but worth it. I would honestly keep pushing for a referral to a specialist. Speak to your gp about the results of the lap in greater depth-you don’t have to put up with the pain it is not right. Good luck xxx

Thank you I will as it's been going on for a long time, I'm not very good at pushing for things but if other ladies can do it then I can. :)

Good luck for you're lap! Wish you all the best xxx

Hello ...I have had similiar symptoms, but what was causing the pain and bleeding is the endometriosis and fibroids nothing about pelvic being stuck...

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Suzileverell in reply to Annoot

Oh interesting, before my lap my Dr and the hospital seemed almost certain I had endo because of my symptoms. So everyone was surprised they only found my ovary stuck.

Hope you've got you're self sorted and the endo is under control. X

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