Bleeding after sex

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone had a pain free Christmas and New Year.

My question for today is, does anyone bleed a little after having sex. I have noticed that after having sex I go to the bathroom to clean myself and there's sometimes a little bleeding when wiping for a couple of hours, but today the bleeding was a little more and the pains were unbearable.

My Endo has returned and I'm guessing it's back inside my bladder along with the adhesions.


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  • Bleeding could be caused by an infection, dryness, a tear or friction from sex itself. But you have a history of severe endo and mentioned previously that you think it is back. If you are in the UK I assume you are being treated in a specialist accredited endo centre. Perhaps they don't have the skill to treat your particular case and you might seek an opinion from another centre. x

  • Hi,

    Thank you for replying, I'm on antibiotics already, I've been on them for a month so I know it's not an infection. It could be due dryness but I don't feel dry down there. It could be due to friction from sex. GP did say a while back that I shouldn't bleed at all and to keep an eye on it.

    I have noticed that whenever I eat anything solid I get pains in my bowels and feel bloated, my stomach swells a bit too. The pains usually lasts all day and night. However if I stick to liquids I'm fine, I have no pains. Do you get any pains after eating?


  • I do think it may be your endo that may now be affecting your vagina which could cause bleeding. Are you being dealt with in a BSGE accredited specialist centre as required by NHS requirements?

  • I was seeing someone on the NHS but they couldn't help me and they discharged me. I went to see a private surgeon last year who is an expert in Endo, he operated on me last year November and told me he removed every bit of Endo, I was fine for 6 months, but now the pains are coming back. I saw my private surgeon last week and he said its back, and told me to go on zoledex injections for 3 months to see if they help me.


  • Going private unfortunately no guarantee of the best treatment for endo - many women are getting better on the NHS as it is regulated. You have severe endo affecting the bowel and bladder and other places. If you are in England then we have a contract for the treatment of this stage of disease that requires that this must only be dealt with in a specialist centre where the surgeons have undertaken highly specialist advanced training way above that of a general gynaecologist. Any gynaecologist operating on you who has not done this and who does not operate in such a centre will be in breach of NHS contract. If you are in other parts of the UK you still must be dealt with in a specialist centre. They are listed here. Is your surgeon on it?

    It is absolutely critical with the endo that you have that you are dealt with by the most highly skilled of surgeons. Click on my name and have a look at my post on finding a specialist centre. x

  • Thanks, I live the UK, I did research into my surgeon before going to him, he is skilled in dealing with Endo. I however feel like one of the unlucky ones that no matter who does my op Endo will always return. I have a strong feeling that I will be referred to the NHS doctors.

    I'l click on your name and read your post.


  • I looked through your list and I saw the name of the surgeon I saw last week and who did the operation on me. Dr. Iskander.

  • Hey I used to have this, it was a sign that the Endo was getting worse, got to the point where I was bleeding all the time, with the bleeding increasing during period and after sex - always dark red/brown at any time other than period. Really annoying!

    I get pain with eating too when bowel/upper gi Endo is active.

    Definitely think you need to see a consultant again. If you would like to see the doctor you saw previously and they work at your local Endo centre - go to your gp say you're symptomatic again and need to see an Endo specialist - get them refer you through to the specialist - then you can see them (or another specialist) for free on the nhs and have your treatment managed long term x

  • Thank applebird for replying to me.

    I don't have any periods as I had hystercretomy a few years ago, I kept both my ovaries.

    Can I ask how you deal with your pains when eating? And are you on a liquid diet? I'm currently having meal replacement drinks when my pains are bad and can't eat. I'm underweight and sometimes I can only manage to eat breakfast.

    I'm seeing my GP on Monday morning I'm hoping he can give me something for the pain. In the past no pain killers worked on me.


  • That is awful you've been through so much and it's obviously still returned. I would definitely see a specialist considering you're having vaginal bleeding post hysterectomy.

    Re. Eating I saw several gastroenterologists, had a number of colonoscopies/endoscopies and various tests - concluded Endo of bowel, upper gi Endo, gallstones, hiatal hernia, oesophagitus and Gerd. Also suspected crohns as that's how I presented but later discovered it was due to over prescription of anti-inflammatories - was on steroids for six months to heal the bowel. Long term I was prescribed buscopan and a few ppis, as well as painkillers, anti nausea tabs. When things were at their worst I was surviving on soup and maybe some toast nothing complex. Found that things fluctuated, sometimes I was fine and other times it was terrible. I went on the Endo diet - specifically cutting out caffeine, alcohol, dairy, red meat etc which really helped, started acupuncture and reduced meal sizes. Now preg so most of the pain has calmed down, still upper gi issues though.

  • Hi, I get disconfort after eating.and while.not.eating around my stomach, too.

    I have been suspicious.about Endo on my stomach but my sonsultant.said.ingigestion is common amang.Endo sufferers so I didn't think of investigating by gastro specialist.

    I don't drink coffee or.tea, eat healthy as well.

    I.also bleed after sex so I haven't had sex for

    Thanks for writing this, it helps in me thinking about what's best for treatment etc. xxx

  • Your welcome, glad it was of use to you. There are so many women suffering with Endo and other stuff it's hard to see the positive side. Especially when your family suffers too.


  • Thanks for that, I don't feel lonely, I have recently been diagnosed with celiac disease and have been on glutenfree, DairyFree, soyafree, red meat free diet for a while but I'm still having issues with food. I find it very hard around dinner time when the whole family are eating and I'm sitting there with soup.

    I had a MRI scan done in December and found out yesterday that I have wear and tear on my bones in my spine which has been causing me pain, the only treatment for that is either operation or physical therapy. I'm going to get tested to see if I have carpal tunnel on both wrists. It's never ending with my health. Not a good start for me to the new year.

    Congrats to you, hope you're pregnancy goes well.


  • Thank you! I know it can seem like a never ending fight when you're feeling that poorly. Did gastro recommend any other drugs or anything that might settle things in conjunction to the dietary changes?

    It really sounds like you're suffering more than celiac, they'll have checked for inflammatory bowel disease if you've had the colonoscopy (if not I'd have one done).

    Ruling that out your Endo specialist is the best bet via nhs - esp with the vaginal bleeding as well. When I had my first surgery there was a lady there who was ten years post hyst but they had left her ovaries - the Endo had grown back and totally knackered her bowel!

    Sorry to hear about the other issues too, it seems if you have severe Endo there are always lots of additional issues. Keep fighting, it doesn't feel like it now but you will find some sort of resolution to this it will just take time. Some years are better than others - the good ones will come round again. Good luck with all of your appointments, I hope they get things sorted out for you X

  • I'm on depression tablets, acid tablets, I will start to have Zoladex injections from next onwards, I'm hoping GP can give me some pain meds that will work on me. I'm going to see a dietitian and nutritionist next month regarding my food problems. I've had so many tests done in the past and I suffer afterwards too. It's like my body can't handle these tests anything poking inside my body. I have a feeling that I have adhesions on my bowels that are causing me a lot of aggro and pain.

  • If it's any use the combo they put me on initially with ppis was ranitidine 150mg and omeprazole 20mg - this changed to 300mg ranitidine and 40mg esomeprazole twice daily which really helped. You'll know to avoid NSAIDs anyway if you have trouble with your bowel. I know the tests are horrible, if you've inflammatory bowel disease, unfortunately no other way to check.

    In the meantime whilst you wait for consults why don't you try something relaxing like massage or acupuncture to help with pain. I thought it was a lot of nonsense, was on max dose co-codamol and tramadol, after a few months all I took was paracetamol. So it's worth a shot, even to just take some time for you to take care of yourself. X

  • Thank you, I'm on most of those meds too on high dosage. I do find it very hard to relax especially when being in pain non stop for 6 years. Thank you for talking with me, I have no one else to talk to who understands what I'm going through. My family tries to help as much as they can, but they don't know what to say to me most of the time as they don't know how I feel.


  • It's no bother sweety, everyone here is very supportive. I'm having a bit of a reprieve at the moment but I know at some point I'll be needing a shoulder again too. Family can be too close to the situation. I'm hopefully being referred through to a health psychologist - they deal with people with chronic illnesses esp pain issues where it's affecting your mental wellbeing - will be having more major surgery once my baby is born so hoping they will give me some coping strategies so the pain doesn't take over life too much. Maybe that would be something good for you? Just make sure to make some time for yourself, try some of the alternative therapies, treat yourself to something nice xx

  • I hope everything goes well for you and for when your baby is born. I've had CBT twice before it helped me while I was been seen but after all the sessions ended my mental wellbeing was back to square one. I'm hoping I can take a week out during the summer time and go to Spain with my mum, I really need the heat for my body, I can't handle the cold at the moment it seems to make my pains worse.


  • Maybe get your gp to refer you through for something like health psychology, they defo give longer term sessions than cbt as far as I know.

    Completely agree with the heat helping - I've found this too, I can definitely do a lot more when on hol in 30 degree heat! I think that's why massage was good for me - hot oil and also saunas are great!

    Enjoy planning your holiday!! xx

  • I will definitely go see my GP tomorrow morning and ask him about health psychology.

    Thanks, I'm hoping I can go this year summer time.

    Take care, thanks for your help, much appreciated.


  • Yes endo is responsible for this, see your gaeny and tell him about it .

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