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Bleeding after sex

Hi, I got diagnosed with endo start of this ear I'm 21 years old after my operations, it was lasered away but seems to have already grown back? I'm probably in more pain and distress than ever before. I'm in a three year relationship. My main issue at the moment is that if I have sex, I will bleed horribly for at least a week after. This is very painful and I get lots of blood clots. Is this normal? Anyone know if there's anything I can do it prevent this? Obvs not having sex is one but that would seriously impact my relationship and o don't want that

Any advice or words bet much appreciated


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Hugs, I bled lightly after sex but not that long and always had Dyspareunia.

If yourEndo has come back then you need to get a referral to a specialist BSGE Endo centre for further treatment if you weren't treated in one last time.



What's the BSGE sorry? Thanks for your reply too x



They are accredited specialsit endometriosis centres where you get specialist surgeons with advanced excision skills training and a multidisciplinary team.

With recurring or severe endo you should be referred on according to the NHS contract. See page 6



Thank you. I'll keep this in mind next time I see specialist xx


Your GP can refer you, if doesn't need to be your specialist.

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I too often suffer with bleeding after sex and loads of pain, sometimes like you say the sex kind of starts almost a period where i will bleed for a week or however long. (However i had a negative lap so not been diagnosed with endo even though i'm convinced it must be that).

I was told at the hospital before my op that if they had found endo it would be cut out rather than lasered as this was much more efficient and i'm sure they said it's better in preventing it coming back or at least usually it takes longer to come back, so maybe next time you see your consultant question if you can have it treated that way next time? Hope you feel better soon, i'm also 21 in 3.5 year relationship and very rarely have sex, it's really depressing!! Totally get how you feel Xx

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Thank you. It took me ages to persuade them that I needed an operation. Previous to that I had lots of ultrasounds and they found adhesions and cysts but said it couldn't be anything bad due to my age. But like you I was convinced I knew something was wrong and finally got a diagnosis. However she said it was only very small amounts and its shouldn't affect me again - which is now also wrong! Only been 7 months and it seems to have spread and pain and bleeding is worse. Horrible thinking that we have it so young. Makes me worry about not being able to conceive or not have a sex life im happy with. Hope you stay in contact with your doctor and find out what is wrong. It's so scary xx


omg this all sounds exactly the same as me! yes it took me ages too to finally get an op, had a million ultrasounds, blood tests, examinations etc. but they never found anything wrong apart from once they thought I had a polyp but turned out I didn't.

Not sure what's the next step for me, have had the mirena coil fitted to help with symptoms but so far it's made me feel worse, much more pain and more often, and constantly so bloated and my periods are heavier! Plus they thought it went missing and had to scan to see if it was even in there still.

Also I have a retroverted uterus too, which they said since I don't have endo that is probably the cause of my problems, although they also said (and I have spoken to other medical people) that it's really common and doesn't really cause any problems? So what does that mean?! They mentioned I could have ventro suspension in the future to correct it.

I'm really worried about not being able to conceive too, but I guess I won't find out until I start trying one day! Hopefully we will both one day be sorted!! I'm going to try and get referred to local BSGE centre soon, it seems to have been better for a lot of people on here, plus i've read a few people saying their endo was missed first time! xx


The marina coil didn't work for me at all. I ended up in a&e at least once a week! at first I thought I had an infection from the op but when the coil was taken out it went so must of been that! I've never experienced so much pain in my life!

I hope you manage to control your symptoms and the Drs do something to help you!

I'm going to look at that specialist centre and see what my next steps are too!

Good luck xxx

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I also have a weird uterus! seems like we have similar problems x


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