Sex after hysterectomy and oophectomy

I am 8 weeks post op and have recently just decided it was time to try full sex - I have to say it was fine a little bit of pain initially but not too bad. This was one of my main worries along with the worry that my endo pain may not go with hysterectomy and my worry about medical menopause as me and my partner enjoyed a healthy sex life before op. I have to admit orgasm is not as strong but is still there just a bit of a different sensation. Sorry if this is too much information but this was a question I wanted to ask before my op so thought there must be others thinking the same thing. I'm recovering from op nicely still up and down with menopausal symptoms trying to work out a diet x

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Thank you for posting this. I don't thinks it's TMI at all, this is something that I wonder about. I hope things continue to improve for you. X

I was so stressed some articles I read call it female castration however I had to have it done as my pain was unbearable so the relief is amazing :-) thank you for supporting me x

Hi i was worried aftrr my hysterectomy as well .tock it slow . I found it very tiet to start with but it has lossened up since but somtimes still a little bit of pain .But i did read you dont prouduse the lubricant you used to before ??? I had my op in november but feeling on top of the world .they left my overys in so no menopause but still get ovulation symtoms and spots .which are getting less as time goes on .

dirt i have really stuggled i have always been gluteen and dairy free and for the last 4 years i have done slimming world this did not work for anymore. So gone to weight watchers. My tastbuds have totaly changed and some foods i cant et anymore.

Never tmi .


Yes I am a little more dry but not too bad - my diet changes are not for weight loss reasons it is to try and reduce menopausal symptoms so I have tried to cut out caffeine sugar and spicy foods - ate loads of choc over easter though!!! X

Thank you very, very much for your post. Not TMI at all - thank you ;-)

Hope the other parts work well also - or better than before. I'm waiting for op - due in May.

Wishing you all the best.


Good luck with your op and yes everything else is working well too and I am pain free which is a wonderful feeling x

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