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Zoladex and the pill anddd Anxiety


Hi, as is the usual I had my lap back in december it hasn't appeared to work so I've been offered Zoladex. I really don't know if i want to go for this for several reasons as it seems like it isn't really curing anything but just giving your body a break. I'm also 31 and haven't had children yet.

However the gynecologist said to me that i need to keep taking my contraceptive pill whilst on this? is this right? i feel like i am gonna be full of hormones and my body wont know what to do, i already get sore boobs off some pills anyway.

Also i suffer from ocd and am having a really bad time with it and my anxiety is so bad, i know for a fact that hormones play a part in this anyway but i just dont know if its going to be even harder for me and i feel like i cant cope with any more anxiety or anything

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Hey love. I have taken zoladex many times. It is exactly as you said. A break from suffering. For me it no longer works. However, all I know is that contraceptives (combined) along with zoladex is mainly to help you your body adjust. I am not a doc just a sufferer who has tried everything.

Now that injections themselves for me where not so painful but that always depends on the person.

As for anxiety and ocd, I am the same and on sertraline.

It states on the zoladex implant information sheet to stop the contraceptive pill whilst on zoladex and use another method! Hope this helps x

Hello Missm87,

Zoladex is a GnRH Analogue and this class of drug can exacerbate anxiety and other mood disorders (like depression, and OCD) in some women. However, every woman's body and its reaction to a hormone treatment like Zoladex is completely unique, so it can be hard to predict how it might effect you personally. Some women who do start to see their mood dip and anxiety levels rise on Zoladex find that a therapeutic dose of "add-back" HRT can help successfully manage this. It can again take a little bit of experimentation to find the right dose and brand of "add-back" HRT that best suits you - there are lots of different formulations and you shouldn't be afraid to ask to try another if you don't think the one you are first prescribed isn't doing the trick. Women are usually prescribed "add-back" HRT rather than the contraceptive pill while on Zoladex, so perhaps have another chat with your GP/Specialist about both options so that you can get a more detailed understanding of why your Specialist has suggested the contraceptive pill over this - they may have very sensible reasons for doing so in your case.

Alternatively, your GP/Specialist should be able to offer you some additional counselling or perhaps some anti-anxiety/anti-depressant treatment on top of your Zoladex treatment to minimise any mood side effects, so you can get the best result from it.

You can find the manufacturer's Summary of Product Characteristics (including known side effects) for Zoladex (and the slightly less detailed Patient Information Leaflet) here:


I always find it helpful to get my partner and family to have a read too, so that they can better help support me if I start to experience any side effects. I also find it helpful to take a copy along with me when I see my GP/Specialist about any side effects - as you can explicitly then say "I'm starting to experience this new symptom, it is listed as a known treatment side effect, how can this be treated or managed" and refer them to the relevant part of the drug manufacturer's guidance.

It may be that your GP/Specialist still feel Zoladex is worth trying (as some women do find it brings good relief from their Endo symptoms). However, because you already suffer from significant anxiety, the manufacturer's guidelines suggest regular treatment monitoring. I would also personally advise that you ask for your GP/Specialist to put a management/treatment plan in place that will help you combat any potential mood changes BEFORE you start Zoladex treatment. Aside from anything else, knowing that you and they have a sensible plan sorted already could help you feel more in control and therefore hopefully less anxious.

I hope that you are feeling better soon, x X x

Thank you everyone. Xx

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