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Anxiety :(

Over the past few weeks I have felt like my Anxiety has been becoming worse and worse, I am constantly feeling on edge, shaking, feel sick and constantly worrying all the time and when I am not worrying I am worrying about why I am not worrying if that makes sense.

I have tried counselling and that did not seem to help also been on a range of anti depressant tablets but nothing helped, can this be linked with endo?

I was looking at starting something like Tai Chi or maybe even going for regular massages to help me relax, has anyone else done tai chi? did it seem to help or just one of those things that works for a while but after a few weeks the anxiety creeps back in.

My anxiety is really one of my main symptoms that is really starting to get to me now, I am finding it really hard to cope with, just the thoughts that go round and round in my head constantly its doing my head in, literally.

I was thinking maybe it is my hormones, they are raging at the moment, is there anything that the doctor can put me on to help reduce my hormones and calm me down alot?

Any advice would be great, I know I keep posting and posting haha sorry ladies just need loads of advice, have so much rolling around in my mind :D x

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I'm currently enrolled in Mindfulness meditation for chronic pain and illness. It runs from Breathworks and they have I think courses on and off across the UK. I do the course with Simon Osborne is North London and its an 8 week course (once per week).

It is fantastic and very relaxing and it gives you techniques on how to cope better with pain and everything that comes with pain as anxiety, stress etc.

You should have a look online, I highly recommend it. x


Hi jojo777

thank you for replying.

I am going to head to that website straight away :D thank you.

I am finding it so hard lately with my anxiety I constantly feel on edge and worrying constantly about things its really getting me down, this might help hopefully if I give it a go, also been thinking about doing yoga heard that helps alot to :D x


I'm doing an online course how to self manage a long term condition by the expert patients programme. Its free. It says you have to have had a long term condition for 12 months to do it online or if less then best to go to the groups they run around the country.

It runs for six weeks and helps you learn to manage a long term condition everything from pain and nutrition to loss of control, stress and anxiety that go with it. There are exercises you learn to help with anxiety levels too.

How long did you attend the counselling for? I know for my friend it took quite a while for her to get into it and what didn't you get on with the anti-depressants? Don't give up there are lots out there.

Lastly don't worry or apologise for how many times you post on here. That is what the site is for! You are never alone, always people who will help you or at least try and will understand at least some of your pain.

Don't be too hard on yourself. It's natural to feel anxious when you've been through alot. It's healthy for your body to give you a warning to say things are not great and the fact you have identified it is the hard bit. Now just getting it in check and things will become more manageable. Good luckxxx


I started counselling when I was around 15 up until I was 21 but it never helped, also been on anti depressants and to be honest they made me feel more on edge then I already was so I came of them gradually.

I might try yoga or some kind of meditation and see if that helps. Also going to talk to the doctor see if there is anything that can be done to reduce my hormones as I think this is the main reason for my anxiety my hormones are on constant overload, but going to wait till I have had my lap in a few weeks before I discuss that with the doctor x


Oh so you have given both a good go.

You may find a lot of anxiety associated with your lap too which is natural and has made everything flare up.

Hopefully after will give you some answers and help settle things.

Have you tried any vitamins or supplements like b6? Some women swear by them xxx


Hi sorry to hear your struggling, I found accupuncture had a very calming effect on me and yoga breathing as in lay down put your hand on your tummy and push your belly out using your diaphragm and don't let your shoulders move. Take deep breaths and focous just on breathing for a few minutes. I find it calms me. If you have time to book an accupuncture session before lap it may help you relax.

Your doctor may be able to help too so ask for their help too. I hope you will feel better after you have lap and you know what's going on. Not knowing messes with your head so just know you will have answers soon and try to stay positive. Sending a big hug to cheer you up today xx and remember your not alone and talking about how you feel helps so keep posting don't bottle it up! Were all here for you x



thanks for the reply, I said to my partner last night that when I get a definate date for the lap I am either going to book for a massage before or week after the lap before I go back to work.

I had a massage a few weeks ago and it really helped me relaxed and eased my tension in my shoulders it felt so good, I dont think been sat at the office desk for 8 hours a day helps, just been here stressed me out, when I am not worrying I am worrying about why I am not worrying haha, yesterday I was worrying that I went through a speed camera to fast now paranoid about it and it is stressing me out haha, just little things are getting me down.

Also been sat here waiting and waiting for the call about my lap is getting me down I just want that call and the confirmation of a date and then I will feel better, I know it is definately going to be in April but I just want that call to know exactly when so I can get things arranged like who is taking me and things, I just like everything to be organised get really on edge when they are not.

How are you anyway? How are you feeling now? When have you got to go see the gyno again and talk about the lap?



Hi yes I can understand how little things that normally would bother you become extra worrys. It's just because you are in limbo waiting for the date. The call will come and you have to have pre op first so you will get enough notice to get organized so don't panic about that. A massage sounds a great idea anything to relax you and take your mind of everything for a while is a good idea and the more you can relax the better you will be able to cope with things. I know easier said than done but even just an hours massage will give you a break from everyday worries and give your mind a rest too!

I'm feeling much better today thanks, getting a little bored of day time tv ! Had a few sharp pains this morning which woke me but not sure if its my usual pains kicking back in as I'm due on next week so not looking forward to that! A few painkillers and its eased off now. My scars are much smaller than I expected only 2 with 2 small stitches which are healing nicely so still a little dozey and more rest for me but seem to be improving a little every day.

I have been told ill get a letter for appointment for around 6-8 weeks time so more waiting for me but know I know what it is I'm doing lots of reading online so I understand it all. Well its keeping me amuzed too as theres only so much Jeremy Kyle I can watch lol x

I hope you hear something soon and you can call them for an update if your desperate they may at least say when they will ring you! There's no harm in asking, the receptionists were always nice and tried to give me a rough idea while I waited and were very understanding when I chased them x ill keep my fingers crossed you hear soon as I think once you have a date you will feel better xx


I am glad you are feeling better, I will be dreading going back to work once I have had mine, more the fact I prefer been at home relaxing haha, hate that feeling when you have time of then you have to go back its like grrrrrr.

I called the gyno surgery waiting list recpetion the other day but she did not answer so left a voice mail, she called back and left me a voice mail saying that it is looking promising for the 24th however he does have a list on the 8th so if anyone cancels they may be able to get me in then but they will call me soon with a date, so just got to sit here and wait, they did state though when I called at the start of this month that the surgeon has put a note on my file that he wants to see me before May so I definately know its going to be within the next month, its just the waiting thats a ball ache haha, I am so impatient haha.

I cant wait just to have the time of after the op to myself, partner will be at work so will be nice to have the house to myself and have some me time. Do they tell you on the day after the lap if they found anything or not? do they discuss there any treatments in which you can have, and do they give you anything to start controlling the pain or is all that done in the appointment after the lap?



That's good you know its definately next month then ! They wake you up and doc tells you what is found. I was still very out of it from anesthetic so didn't take everything in. I asked what's next and he said is need tubes removed but will discuss with my gyni at follow up appointment. I asked if I could look at pics he was showing me when I was more awake and he said the nurses would have it. So best tip I can give you ask the nurse to explain the notes and pics when they discharge you as although I remembred bits she explained everything and I remember what was said. They gave me morphine when I woke and anti sickness and painkillers later. Was discharged about 7pm once I'd managed a wee, I was determined as wanted to go home. Had a couple of attempts of standing first as went very light headed and white! Sat a little while got my breath back and then was fine. So make sure you don't rush getting up just sit for a while first. I was told to take 2 paracetamol and 2 ibrubrofen every four hours seems to keep the pains under control. They will either give you pills or tell you what you need so don't worry. You will need someone with you for first 2 days and you have to confirm this on the forms and having someone make you food and drink so you don't need to move is heaven I had some time hidden in bedroom but was comforting to know my hubby was there if I needed him. X


yikes my partner is working so I will be home alone for the week, he cant take the time of as its a new job on agency so he cant risk any time off. I will just have to make sure I have everything around me in which I need so I do not have to move around much until he gets home.

I am pretty hardy anyway I am sure if we can put up with this pain for so many years one little Lap will be nothing haha thats how I am trying to think about it. x


I get that too and also full of nerves and ended up really bad diarrhoea and stomach cramps I have endo on my pouch of douglas and the bowel does not help at all and not on anti depressant at all as I refuse ut as don't wanna get hooked into it.... hope u find something to help for u x


Hi xbx

Im sure you can cope with a lot, but they will ask you that someone is with you for 48 hours after op. Basically most of the first day your in hospital so he will be with you first night but I recommend having someone there the following day as I did feel very wobbly and my hubby had to help me up and make me drink etc. The day after I felt more stable and shuffled around slowley so you should be ok and manage. Do you have a friend or someone else that can spend one day with you? The anesthetic really effects you and my blood pressure went low so felt faint which if your on your own can be scarey. I'm not trying to scare you but if there is someone you can ask of if he could just take one day off it would be a good idea. I'm sure if he explained why they could at least consider half a day? I'm sure once you have your preop they will go through it all but if you can think of a friend or someone that would be happy to just be in the house with you then you could ask them .

I hope your having a better day and keeping calm xx


I am having a better day today although work is pretty stressful but trying to ignore the people here as that tends to be the thing that stresses me out most here.

How are you feeling today?

He has tried to get the day of but cant unfortunately, on the day of the op I will have to get the bus to the hospital lol and hopefully I will be in there till 5pm or after so he will come pick me up after work. My dad said he may be able to pop in for an hour for each day for the week after and Marc said he will get me all set before he leaves with all drinks and food so I will be sorted. To be honest, I am the worst person to be around when ill I hate people around me just like to be on own. Dreading going into the hospital to hate people touching me and things, know its for my own good but really cannot do hosptials, excited for the lap just not excited for the fact of been in hosptial, usually I cannot even go in them to visit people, took me about an hour to get myself in the hospital just for my first consultation, God I am so weird haha.

When are you back to work? You looking forward to going back or are you enjoying your time of to much haha x


Hey hun, sorry to hear about your anxiety woes, bless ya.

Can totally understand how worked up about things we can get. I am trying to keep calm and not think too much about things (easier said than done) or I feel nauseous and put things off. For example I may be going to Poole over easter weekend to see my family, but I am scared of what ifs! what if I feel rubbish when down there how am I going to cope. what if I feel rubbish during the 4 hr journey to Poole..will I manage it? etc! When I am having a rubbish day I like to be home as I know I can just chill out on sofa, stay in my pj's and not have to be lively and fake smiling of "I'm fine"! etc.If any of that makes sense. I know it sounds silly. sorry didn't mean to go on about me! As u can see I understand the anxiety.

I hope the appointment comes thru quick for you so u have less time to worry and get anxious and finally have some answers..and some time away from your works! x hugs x


Hi, I'm glad your having a better day ,I'm improving everyday and didn't need an afternoon sleep today I feel much more normal other than the ache and bruising in my tummy which I only notice when I move so all going week. I'm glad you've asked your dad and I do understand I hid away on my own nd my hubby dropped me off at the door at 7.30 am and I wasn't ready to leave till 6.30pm and could have stayed till 8pm but just wanted to get home. If your dad can pop in then midday when you may need to get up for a wee would be a good plan that's the only time I needed help as very wobbly the first day home! Most of the day you will just want to sleep! I'm sure you'll be fine and don't worry they check your blood pressure etc by machine so they don't need to touch you other than to put the band round your arm !

I'm back to work Saturday for a few hours then off again till Tuesday. I'm lucky that I'm self employed so can do as much as I can and rest if needed. On the other hand if I don't work nothing gets done ! Don't let work stress you out your health is more important xx


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