Endo and anxiety/ panic attacks?

Hi Ladies,

I was just interested to know if anyone else with endo also suffers from anxiety/ panic attacks. I have been thinking that I am going crazy as I used to be a party animal and now I prefer to stay in and only see people I am confident to be around already. I get funny turns where a wave of hot nausea rushes over me and I feel like I just want to run outside or if it is really bad sometimes I can't really move.

I was reading last night about how women with endo also tend to have anxiety symptoms and this has made me feel a huge amount better because it means that I am not going insane (which some days I genuinly think I am with this disease) and also has made me feel that I can deal with it and today (So far) haven't had that much problem with it.

I guess it makes sense because my hormones are everywhere but I just thought I would open it out to everyone for discussion. This does seem to be worse the few days before my period is due.

Also has anyone got any tips? I already do all the diet stuff but any other help would be greatly appreciated :)

I take evening primrose oil and starflower oil and this does seem to be effective up to a point and I'm certainly not as moody on my period when i take it.

Thanks :) xx

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  • Hi

    What you have said sounds exactly like me! I go through times when anxiety is really bad and the attacks are particularly when I'm driving (and i drive a lot) and I've had to pull over on the motorway before with a huge wave of nausea and panic attack. I'm normally a very laid back and sociable person but gets bouts of anxiety/panic when im sufferering most, I really feel its due to being overwhelmed by everything which then makes me feel insecure which is not how i naturally am! I've just had almost a year on prostap and it actually really helped with this side of things as I was a lot calmer so I know its linked to my pain levels.

    My pain got so bad before i went on the prostap that i really think i was suffering quite badly psychologicly as i was genuinely terrified of my periods each month and even after nearly a year with no periods im still terrified. The only thing I really found that helped was to be as organised and prepared each month as possible and to work hard to keep my sugar levels constant in the week before and during and fully stocked up with anything under the sun that helped me through it and careful not to commit to anything on the days I would be feeling the worst. I also tried flotation which helped me relax but it is a tad expensive and I would probably have needed it everyday during the worst 7-10 days for it to really work x

  • Hi Hayls,

    thank you for your reply. Sometimes if nothing else it is really good to have someone say that know what you are on about and can empathise with it. :) I have never had it when I am driving as I find that to be quite a good calming place for me, it is normally in rooms full of people or at a meeting at work or something equally as embarrassing.

    Another delightful symptom of this disease!


  • Hi,

    I also suffer from anxiety and find I get very weepy some days!!

    I have discussed this with my gp who's answer was to put me on anti depressants which I didn't really want to do!!

    He also said he could refer me for CBT but this could take a long time. Some days I also feel like I am going out of my mind and people don't seem to get it!!

    I am currently on cerazette for endo treatment as the combined pill made me feel really low and gave me headaches.

    I haven't tried any supplements yet but maybe they would be worth a go!!

    In my experience some people don't seem to understand how this illness affects sufferers ...it can be really hard sometimes!!

    I am sure we are not on our own with this though,and it's nice to know you can come on here and speak to people going through the same thing. Take care :-) xx

  • I also get anxiety and panic attacks. Last winter they became so bad that I had to take anti depressants and Valium. I'm still on the anti depressants!

    Not sure if this is related or connected to my Endo though ?????

  • Depression is very common with endo, and indeed most long term chronic illness, and also very common after surgery or any life trauma. Panic attacks and anxiety are treated much the same way as clinical depression, so if these are causing you to have problems please book an appointment with your GP. Don't suffer in silence, they can be helped but only if you ask the right people ie your GP.

  • Hi Impatient,

    thank you for your reply. In April I asked to be referred to councilling however I have still not heard anything, other than this I was asked if I wanted to go on anti-ds which I didn't so I think the options are quite limited. However knowing it is related to the endo has really helped (I can't explain why) and I am looking into alternate therapies so feeling a lot more positive :D x

  • Hi

    I suffer badly from aniexity and in an ideal world id not see anyone and happily just be me and my animals. The doctor has put me on antidepression tabs i am now on a 2nd kind of tablets as first one wasnt helping me and now these ones just give me crazy sore heads.

    Im back to doctor on Tuesday morning to hopefully get something that works. I used to work in a very busy call centre dealing with loads of people every day and was in a team on 25 as well but now i dont really want to go out and see good friends. Going to shop i build myself up for that and its normally in and out quick as i can, when before i could wander about happily for ages. It has got seriously worse since my lap op in July but so have my symtoms and pains.

    Youre not alone when you suffer from endo xxxx

  • Hi everyone,

    thank you so much for your replies. It is a good feeling to know that you aren't on your own and sometimes I forget that this is a disease and not just a "period problem" and it is really serious. I think this further reiterates to me just how much we still don't know about it and how much more work needs to be done to help sufferers with it.

    It is a huge help to have this online forum though and knowing that there are people who know what you are going through just a click away! :) xx

  • Yep I have Endo and suffer anxiety and panic attacks too! It strangley got worse after I had my laparoscopy op. Maybe from the trauma of it all. I am now on zoladex which is definitely not doing any favours for emotional stability *-*

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