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Can you pls recommend Endometriosis Consultant in the West Midlands area urgent pls


I’ve been suffering from endo since 2012 and I’ve had 5 laparoscopies hysteroscopies I also tried so many specialist and I felt I was just a number for them basically they don’t care and the only solution given to me all the time was hysterectomy which I’m refusing because I want to have kids, I’m looking for a consultant who cares and actually does his/her best to help, I’ve searched the net and I came across Mr x profile and became very interested in him and I think he might be able to help, has any of you heard of him or tried him before? Pls review this consultant for me and recommend others ASAP pls, I’m in so much pain and I had enough of being drugged up without treating th actual problem!

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Hi, I just finally had enough and went to see Mr x last month. He was very different to any other dr I’ve seen so far, as in, he gave the impression he knew the journey I’d been on to get to him. He said the words, let’s stop masking the problem and find out what it actually is. He’s getting my gp to do tests I asked for two months ago that I was talked out of and then more tests with him and another scan. I am worried about the cost but it’ll be worth it if it helps. He listened.

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I booked my appointment for next Tuesday, I can’t wait to see him after all these wonderful promising reviews I’ve read and the private messaging to ladies who actually dealt with him! I’m beginning to feel positive again hopefully this time it will last!! It will be great if we can do the tests via the bus and if he can access the results, it will cut down the cost for us hopefully!

Dr x did my last lap which was where endo was found and I saw him again last month and he is doing my hysterectomy, hopefully September. Seems to really know his stuff. The wait list is shorter if your GP puts you to x; that's for the initial consult and also for any tretament/surgery after the consult.

X Hospital is incredible. Staff are friendly and professional and accommodating, totally unlike my local hospitals who treated me as a hysteric, a drug seeker and a nuisance. Example: I had an appointment for my pre-op and a Prostap injection on the same day. I went on the train and was super early so checked in and said I knew I was early so was going to chill with a cold drink and a book - the nurse came out said she'd see me and take her break afterwards, she was nice and supportive and made sure I had all the info I wanted. Then she called across and arranged I could go and get my ProStap immediately afterwards to save waiting; she said as it only takes a few minutes they were happy to slot me in. When I got across for that they were perfectly happy to do the injection and said it was nice for people to turn up early rather than not show up at all! Most appointments my husband came with me and we drove and every time they ran to time, max 5 mins after, unlike the local hospitals where they were running late even if I had the first appointment of the day! When I had my lap from start to finish I was made to feel supported, cared for and listened to.

I have an appointment with Mr x on Tuesday I really hope he can help me o had my first lap Jan 2018 where i was diagnosed since then I have nothing but problems but my local hospital just don't no what to do with me so I found Dr x myself x

Mr x I believe has stopped taking NHS patients. I was referred to Mr x at Edgebaston and he operated on me three weeks ago - I would defo see him again! Hope you get somewhere soon x

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I'm due to see Dr x on Tuesday I'm so nervous I have he can help I had my first lap 2018 Jan when I was diagnosed since then had nothing but issues I'm so so nervous and I hope if he decides for me to have surgery I can have it sooner rather then later I'm at the end of my tether now.. and I have a 6 year old who needs me


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