Can anyone recommend a specialist in the Midlands?


I have had several laps and have already been disgnosed with endo. Two surgeons have operated on me and they were both very good but I felt I needed to see an endo specialist as I have lots of ongoing problems. I paid privately to see Chris Mann and was going onto his NHS list for excision surgery and probably hysterectomy but he is now off sick.

Can anyone recommend a good consultant in the midlands who can carry out excision surgery if necessary?

In one of my other posts someone mentioned a consultant in Oxford but I don't think it is an accredited centre, has anyone been here and what did you think?

I am trying to avoid too many other surgeries as I have already had 3 so it would be good to have the hysterectomy AND any excision all done at the same time,


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  • Hi there, there is an Endometriosis Specialist Centre which is attached to Northampton General Hospital.

  • Thanks for that, I didn't know about Northampton, it isn't on the list but do you have experience of being treated there?

  • There are a list of accredited endometriosis centres here

    I believe the Northampton one applied but didn't get it.

  • Hi, thanks, I have looked through the list but none are close to me, I am in Wolverhampton. I'm wondering if I travel further afield how I would manage the journey home after the op, it was bad enough just having the 10 minute journey home last time!

  • I understand, I have the same worry. I'm seeing a specialist just over an hour away from where I live. Do you have anyone who would pick you up and be with you etc.?

    For me it's been so worth it to see a doctor who understands, listens, takes me seriously and knows what they're talking about :)

  • Hello again, I've got my first appointment on Monday.

  •'s the link from Endo resolved, the UK ones are at the bottom of page.

  • very useful, thanks. Will you let me know how you get on please, this seems like the nearest for me too. Hope it goes well.

  • Thankyou...and yes i will let you know. Take care x

  • Hi there,

    Just to let you know that I had my appointment yesterday with Wesley McCullough. He was a charming man that took time to listen and put me at ease. After listening to my history he doesn't think it's a reoccurrence of endometriosis. I had a transvaginal scan which showed my bladder to be full even though I'd emptied it twice beforehand; so he's thinking that there is nerve damage around the bladder. I also have IBS and thinks that this is a major factor also. His advice was to immediately cut out wheat and sugar, I ve also got to exercise my bladder to retrain it..,I'm also changing the HRT and am to go back in 8 weeks.

    I have got to take charge of this, spam endeavouring to really stick to a much healthier diet, which should help with IBS as well as the endometriosis issues, I'm booking in with a chiropractor/osteopath to check for pelvic alignment also. I'm feeling really positive. I would recommend seeing him. Good luck x

  • Hi, thanks for letting me know how you got on, I haven't decided yet where I am going to go but your input has been really useful, hope you are feeling OK today! x

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