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Can anyone recommend a specialist in the Midlands?



I have had several laps and have already been disgnosed with endo. Two surgeons have operated on me and they were both very good but I felt I needed to see an endo specialist as I have lots of ongoing problems. I paid privately to see Chris Mann and was going onto his NHS list for excision surgery and probably hysterectomy but he is now off sick.

Can anyone recommend a good consultant in the midlands who can carry out excision surgery if necessary?

In one of my other posts someone mentioned a consultant in Oxford but I don't think it is an accredited centre, has anyone been here and what did you think?

I am trying to avoid too many other surgeries as I have already had 3 so it would be good to have the hysterectomy AND any excision all done at the same time,


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Hi there, there is an Endometriosis Specialist Centre which is attached to Northampton General Hospital.

Eggcustard in reply to DebsieB

Thanks for that, I didn't know about Northampton, it isn't on the list but do you have experience of being treated there?

There are a list of accredited endometriosis centres here

I believe the Northampton one applied but didn't get it.

Eggcustard in reply to endo_star

Hi, thanks, I have looked through the list but none are close to me, I am in Wolverhampton. I'm wondering if I travel further afield how I would manage the journey home after the op, it was bad enough just having the 10 minute journey home last time!

endo_star in reply to Eggcustard

I understand, I have the same worry. I'm seeing a specialist just over an hour away from where I live. Do you have anyone who would pick you up and be with you etc.?

For me it's been so worth it to see a doctor who understands, listens, takes me seriously and knows what they're talking about :)

Hello again, I've got my first appointment on Monday.'s the link from Endo resolved, the UK ones are at the bottom of page.

Eggcustard in reply to DebsieB

very useful, thanks. Will you let me know how you get on please, this seems like the nearest for me too. Hope it goes well.

Thankyou...and yes i will let you know. Take care x

Hi there,

Just to let you know that I had my appointment yesterday with Wesley McCullough. He was a charming man that took time to listen and put me at ease. After listening to my history he doesn't think it's a reoccurrence of endometriosis. I had a transvaginal scan which showed my bladder to be full even though I'd emptied it twice beforehand; so he's thinking that there is nerve damage around the bladder. I also have IBS and thinks that this is a major factor also. His advice was to immediately cut out wheat and sugar, I ve also got to exercise my bladder to retrain it..,I'm also changing the HRT and am to go back in 8 weeks.

I have got to take charge of this, spam endeavouring to really stick to a much healthier diet, which should help with IBS as well as the endometriosis issues, I'm booking in with a chiropractor/osteopath to check for pelvic alignment also. I'm feeling really positive. I would recommend seeing him. Good luck x

Eggcustard in reply to DebsieB

Hi, thanks for letting me know how you got on, I haven't decided yet where I am going to go but your input has been really useful, hope you are feeling OK today! x

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