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Can anyone recommend a specialist in Manchester or North West area?

I've had numerous surgeries last year including a laparotomy for severe endo - ovaries, bowels, pelvis, bladder, pouch of Douglas. Also got adhesions - both ovaries, colon, bladder etc etc.....

Tried prostap, the pill and so on.

I see a gyne in Manchester but now think that they are not sure where to go next. I go to pain clinic to manage pain but I'm now throwing up the pain killers.....

Can anyone recommend a specialist where I can get a second opinion on what to do next? I'm just worried about changing specialist and having to start from the beginning experienced in endo.

Any advice please?? Xx

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I had a lap for endo with Andrew Pickersgill at Stepping Hill Hospital earlier this year. I've previously had surgery 5 times with other consultants in the North West but Dr Pickersgill's expertise was by far the best. My post-op pain/swelling was minimal and I only wish I'd found him sooner. I believe patients come from far and wide to see him, he has an excellent reputation. Good luck! x


What abour Mr Edi-Osagie at St Mary's Hospital? He has operated on me twice laparoscopically for stage 4 recto-vaginal endo...

The man is amazing, and I have nothing but good things to say about him... and neither do his colleagues or patients.... (I work at the Trust)

He does have a waiting list to see him, but it will be worth it...

Good Luck xx


Thanks for the replies. I have heard good things about both of these specialists and am going to see my GP about getting an appointment. I've just read my original post back and I think I'd has too many painkillers, the last bit doesn't make that much sense! Thanks again for the advice. Xxx


Andy Pickersgill based at Stepping Hill is fantastic - he has doen several operations for me - he surgically removes the endo and this can improve things for years


David Rowlands is the lead consultant at the BSGE accredited Endometriosis Centre at the Wirral University Teaching Hospital. This is the only Endo centre in the North West, so I guess that centre would be one to consider. You can opt for a referral to this centre from your GP via the Choose and Book system too.


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Thanks this is great. I will research them all.

Will a new hospital/ consultant be able to request all of my notes from my current hospital? Having to explain everything from the start again will be a nightmare. x


Hi too have had several surgeries under Mr PIckersgill's care and he is still looking after me now I am in early menopause. He has excellent surgery skills and is also really patient. He also answers any queries you have if you forget something or need to ask a question inbetween appts.


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