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Consultation with Dr Edi-Osiage


Hi ladies

I have a 1 hr consultation with Dr edi-osage in a week or two at st Mary's in Manchester.

I have spent 2 years post lap in pain because all my gynae did was diagnose endo and discharge me. They didn't take anything away because of its location, apparently on the bowel. They put the mirena IUD in and it has helped as my periods have stopped but it hasn't taken the pain or other symptoms away. I regularly struggle with fatigue, nausea, constipation or diahorrea, painful intercourse and back pain. I also seem to suffer heavily with 'endo fog' where my head feels fuzzy and I can't concentrate.

I have also recently found out, only by requesting copies of my discharge notes, that my endo is on my right ovary. I wasn't made aware of this as I certainly would have asked more questions surrounding fertility egg and am devastated to find out that nearly 3 yrs after my first surgery my endo is on an ovary. I am 29 and do plan to have children and would have got a move on had I needed to. Now I am worried that I may have scuppered my chances. J had been tracking my ovulation as I don't have periods and was worrying about fertility. I am only ovukating once every 8-9 weeks and it seems to only last for 2 days.

My question to you lovely lot is who has endo on their ovary and what has your experience been? And if anyone has seen Dr edi-osage what can I expect and what would be some good questions to prepare.

I want to make sure I get everything out of this appt that I possibly can. Recently the disease has taken over my life and I'm starting to struggle to cope.

Thank you all so much xxx

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I saw Dr Edi-Osage for my initial diagnosis and surgery. He is wonderful, I felt he really cared. I was 47 at the time with stage 4 endo and insides totally messed up due to the late diagnosis so I'm not in the same position as you. All I can say is that you are in the best hands and if it is possible to save your ovary, he will.

Also, look up some of my past posts about how a low carb diet helps combat endo.

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