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Please help!!



Wondering if anyone can help me. I was diagnosed with endo is 2015 and have had two laparoscopic surgeries since then, the most recent 2 weeks ago. During this procedure I found out I had stage 4 and surgeon was happy that she had removed everything she could. Since then I have found that I am still experiencing a lot of the same endo symptoms that I had previously and i am unsure if this is normal healing process or not. I guess this is leaving me scared that surgery hasn't worked?? Also, during surgery they fitted the mirena coil and i have found that my mood has been all over the place. Constantly on the verge of tears, no motivation and generally just feeling really down. I'm wondering what others experiences of the coil is?? I should also say i have bled constantly since surgery but not had my period as of yet. I have tried calling my surgeon and spoke to get secretary who said I had to go back to my GP to discuss my concerns which I did but didn't really get anywhere. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Hannah

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Not sure regarding the coil aspects of things but you're only 2 weeks post lap so your body will still be recovering


I had the Mirena for 8 months and hated it. Had bleeding every day and my moods were horrendous. For some people it is a lifesaver but keep an eye on the side effects xxx

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