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Sharp pain in lower pelvis


Does anyone get random episodes of sharp lower pelvic pain? Feels like it's near my vaj...feels bruised and sharp and spasmy and hurts to walk and sit down! I overdid it yesterday so think my body is kicking off :( I get this a few times a month and it's horrible!

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Hey, I get this sometimes around my ovaries which my doctor thinks is cysts bursting. There must be a lot haha as I get it almost everyday. It gets worse during ovulation and before and during my period xx

ugh I was clear for cysts on my ultrasound but this is just horrible :(

I had an ultrasound a year ago and it was clear but my doctor said scans change almost every day and a lot can change in a year

ah interesting; mine was on the start of my period would that make any difference?

I’m not too sure

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