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Pain starting from my bum to lower stomach

Does anyone else experience random sharp pains that start from your bum to your lower stomach and it really hurts to the point you can’t sit down or it takes your breath away.

I keep randomly getting it and I don’t know what it is. It’s not trapped wind or anything. It feels like a load of pressure and a knife is stabbing me 😫 it hurts to touch my lower stomach too.

Is this related to endo?

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I also get this and I have endometriosis


Hi, probably not much help as I would love to know myself what causes it but I have the same pain!

They are horrible and have really nearly asked my husband to take me to hospital with it!! I can’t sit down when it’s happening either, nothing seems to relieve it and then I’m really sore and achy for an hour or two after the intense sharp pains have stopped.

I do have a similar pain on my left side around ovulation and my left ovary has an endometrial cyst so always presumed that this pain was endometrial too just near my bowl.

Sorry that’s not much use just thought I’d let you know your not alone.

Chels x


If I try and touch just above my pubic bone area, it’s so painful all the time but gets worse during these sharp pain attacks. They range from a few minutes to a few hours.

I always get bad ovulation pains but that’s not due till next week. The joys 🙄.

My doctor thinks if I do have endo then it could have spread to my bowel and bladder but I’m still waiting for a lap xx


☹️ it’s horrible! I don’t have the pain all the time to be honest but when it’s bad... it’s mental bad. My lap showed endometriosis dotted everywhere my surgeon said. He got rid of as much as he could in the 3.5 hours I was under but couldn’t get it all. Although recovery was rubbish I felt so much better for a good while after my op so I hope you get the similar results and some relief. Well I wish you lots of luck for your lap any ways. xx

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Yes I get this, I don't have endo. When I had a few years back I was on holiday ànd it got so bad I had to be carted off in an ambulance. Diagnosed with a burst cyst on ovary. Since then been diagnosed with PID. X


That’s what I was thinking. I had similar pains - it felt like a Charlie horse in my abdomen. It would take my breath away and I would be sore for days. Difficult to confirm but we think it was a burst cyst (likely an endometrioma).


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