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Pain in both hips and pelvis

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Could endo really cause this pain? Both hips constantly hurting, something feels like it's dragging inside my uterus. Back pain on and off but the pain inside my hips running down to my uterus is constantly there.

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Yes, I have had constant hip pain for a good month. I am blaming the mirena but maybe it isn't, who knows and can't get an appointment until mid April (that's actually supposed to be priority!).

I asked GP if it could be sign of injection outside uterus, GP openly admitted that she didn't have enough knowledge of gynae. Having pee tested and bloods. Have you any thoughts on what it could be? Perhaps we can work it out between us! What pain killers are you taking? X

Yes!!!! It's a dreadfully strong but also dull ache feels like knives are slowly stabbing you! I have a heat pack in my bedroom, the living room and at work so I have comfort in all scenarios. X

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Have you got endo? X

Yes have had for two years xx

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How old are you? Can I ask what your symptoms were? Thanks x

Have had rectal bleeding for 10 years but was too embarrassed to tell anyone when I was younger. I'm 24. Rectal pain, pelvic hip back and shoulder pain. Extreme fatigue. Dizziness , agonising periods , although they've stopped now as I'm on both implant and combined pill which greatly reduces symptoms but i definitely still get them.

To name a few x

Pain during and after sex and opening the bowels and bleeding between periods (again that doesn't happen anymore but it did)

I have a lot of pelvic pain and at times feel like there is something twisting and stabbing inside my vagina. I find a heat pad often helps with the pain as I can sit on it or place it where the heat is xxx

Hi - it's absolutely terrible that kind of pain - Im so sorry that you have that. I used to horrific hip pain to - my endo certainly caused it. I felt my bones were crumbling yet stabbing. And weakness in every other bone too ( as well as pelvic pains), clots, bowel probs 14 day bleeds, I'd pass out, vomit etc.

Since taking fluradix multi Vit liquid- yeast-gluten free, vit c powder 1000 mg, sun warrior protein, Lglutamine powder- I have No bone pain. I cut meat dairy sugar wheat. And stress. And have decreased all other symptoms listed massively. my period is 4-5 days and my hips feel fab. Read Dian mills key to nutrition endometriodis book. Epsom salts baths help - as long as your not allergic to it. Keep going - bone pain can be helped with nutrional support in my view x

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Kazww in reply to Breathe

Thank you so much I've been to Holland and Barrett today xx

Ps ooh I forgot one supplement I also take glucosamine liquid from Healthspan strawberry flavour.

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