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How to deal with sharp endo pain


I am wondering how you are coping emotionally, physically, physiologically with sharp pain. I usually do not have pains, I have never suffered unbearable constant pains as some of you. After last year surgery I fell better. I have Mirena now for a few months. My PT said she cannot do much, my muscles are good and looks like it is lining. But I still get that awful sharp pains. I cannot predict when they start. They do not last long also. The pain is shooting from my pelvis up. It feels like my uterus and bottom are tearing into small pieces. During that episodes I cannot move. I am paralyzed, I cannot move, afraid to move. Pain eases in a few seconds, maybe a minute at most. Then it stays in my pelvis for some time. After the shooting pain it is mostly on my left side like a painful nod inside. I do not know how to cope with that, how to predict it. I feel at that moments and after so helpless. I cry because of the pain during the episodes. After that I might cry because of the helplessness, guilt. Any advise please.

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I am the same and my pain lasts for hours on end without any warning that it’s on it’s way. You feel helpless and useless.

I take codeine. Only when I am not driving though.

Have you been given any strong painkillers?

I don’t have any positive advice as trying to work through this myself x

I have strong vicodin, but my pain does not last for that long. And I am not even sure if I would be able to get a medication. I really cannot do anything. The pain passes but aftermath stays with me for a day or a few days. Next episodes are not as bad as initial and then it fades away. Sometimes there are no follow up episodes. I think the worst is how I feel psychologically during and after pain goes away completely.

Glad to know that I am not only one who feels that pain. But I am very sorry you have these pains. Maybe someone else will be able to help up how to deal with this pain.

Thank you 😊

Yes the psychological effect this illness has can be difficult too.

I try to stay positive but it’s really hard. It takes its toll. I lost a job I loved and that effected me so much as I was treated in a way nobody ever should be just because they are ill. This world with certain people in it sometimes can bring you down x

So sorry to hear about your job. Everything about this disease sucks. Sometimes, I feel better and start to think oh, yes, my anti-inflammatory diet works! It is not in vain. And then this pain hits from nowhere. And then the world literally becomes dark place:( My last episode was Saturday evening, which prompted my post. Two days later I feel much better regarding the pain, but emotionally I am a wreck. :(

Hi. I take strong painkillers too. Pregabalin reduces my nerve pain which is sharp and shooting.

However, during my period I still get this pain at a reduced level.

Sounds a bit weird but I used the app curable. Just the free trial bit! It helped me look at pain in a slightly different way which I didn't expect to help but has made me less panicky.

I also see a persistent pain service - nurse and psychologist. This has helped with he psychological aspects.

I am also trying to do yoga, meditation and tried aromatherapy.

Have you tried a TENS machine? I'm still experimenting but I've heard works for some people so may be worth a look. I just bought a cheap one online.

Hope you find something that helps. Xxx

Knina in reply to CelestialFluff

Thank you for the suggestions! I need to research TENS machine.

Does aromatherapy work for you? What exactly are you doing?

I love yoga, but do not have too much time. I try to go once a week.

I will check Curable.

I signed for series of classes for women with endometriosis. It is only for 9 women and will teach how to manage the pain. Meditation, yoga, bio...smth are part of it. During last flare it was long enough that at some point I decided to start thinking what I can do with my pain. I was seating on the sofa and then I was in such agony that I started to cry. I did not want my husband to see my pain. So I was waiting for the pain to get better to ask for the pain killer.

Thank you AGAIN!!!!

CelestialFluff in reply to Knina

Ooh an endo class sounds great. I feel quite isolated in my efforts so wish there was something near where I live. Hope it is useful.

I find the more stressed at work I get the worse my pain so for aromatherapy I use basic destressing oils. Not sure it makes a difference but I and my house smell nice!!! I also have some base oil to add oils to and massage on my skin.

I have also been having regular back massages to try and de stress too. Enjoyable so sure must be working!


Knina in reply to CelestialFluff

my birthday is coming up and I asked for stress relive oil mix:) Thank you

I find that the best way of dealing with the pain is heat. Either a heating pad, hot water bottle or a warm bath can help alot. Maybe speak to your GP about the birth control pill. That helped with my symptoms.

Heat in this situation does not help. It is only for less painful moments. I have Mirena as well. I think psychological aspect of this disease is much harder than physiological. :(

Yeah it is really hard on mental health.

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