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Waiting on laparoscopy appintment

Hi, im new to this thread and currently waiting for my laparoscopy appointment to come through to hopefully diagnose endometriosis. They have said waiting time is around 3 months :(. My symtoms are..

Pain during sex and after sex. can sometimes feel pain for hours or days after.

Lower abdominal pain that feels like constant period pain

Dragging pain in my bits which sometimes i can feel down my legs. Almost feels like something is being pulled out (sorry for tmi)

Recent pain during urination in my tummy

Random lower back pain that becomes excruciating quickly

My mum had endometriosis.

My concern is that the gynae consultant has said if they dont find anything during the lap then it could be psychological? This is really bothering me and with the pains and the difficulty with having sex i really hope they find an answer to my problems. Its really getting me down this now.

Can anyone shed any light and relate to mt symptoms?

Thank you in advance.

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Pisses me off when they say it could be psychological 🙄

You have Endo symptoms so hopefully they will find it and you’ll have your answer!

Things you could do is check the surgeon is an Endo specialist and pre surgery ensure they are checking all the places where Endo could be x

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Hi, thanks for replying. It made me really sad when they said that because im not settling for being told im imagining all of these pains etc. I want a diagnoses so hopefully ill get one!! The gynea were very quick and didnt mess about in offering me a lap. They tried me with 4 months of contraception and it didnt make any difference so thats when they offered the laparoscopy. Xxx



I have exactly the same symptoms. I was diagnosed in November 16, it wasn’t a specialised gynea but they did find it on bowel

Bladder and pouch of Douglas. I didn’t have half as much pain and symptoms then as I do now. They lasered it off and since the opp Iv found out that that’s not a good technique of removing the endometriosis. I was discharged and it’s taken me almost 2 years to be seen by specialist and have op booked for the 28th. If it goes passed the 3 months or close and you have no date in sight then contact your gp. Mine wrote a letter to my consultant and I had an op date within ten days. Be your advocate, tell them they may know anatomy but no one knows your anatomy better then you! They were in my stomach removing cystic tumours and normal persistent cysts and didn’t see it! It was my last lap that I begged for because I knew something wasn’t right, they said it was highly unlikely to be endometriosis because they would of found it previously. They was wrong! X


Oh no as if it wasnt found the first time, as if its not worrying enough having to go through it but the fact it wasnt noticed and you did actually have it is awful. My symptoms have only started 7 months after having my baby. I had always been on contraception before that with no gaps which must have kept the symptoms at bay im not sure. Just hope they find something. Xxxx


To broken bladder and yhardman20.

I agree completely! Why are ladies problems not taken more seriously? The old it’s in your head line!!! We’ve all heard that one but coming from a specialist is disgusting.

Ie waiting lists 3 months is very good! My hospital quoted me 8 months min; I got it pushed forward due to very severe symptoms and my GP writing a letter to my endo specialist ( I have complicated endo)

If you feel your symptoms are affecting your quality of life get your GP to write to the specialist to speed it up! It worked for me 👍🏻

Good luck your symptoms do sound like endo to me! xoxo

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Thank you!! It makes me feel even more low and down about myself when they said if its not endo and we cant see anything else then its all in your head basically. She was nice and said it in a much better way but still doesnt take away the fact that thats what their saying. Xxx


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