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Period? No period? Confused!


I have a suspected endo and have been TTC for over 2 years now. I had a miscarriage last year and since then the end symptoms have been worse and I keep getting brown spotting 7-12 days before period! :(

Anyway! I'm supposed to do blood tests next week to check AMH, LH, FSH. I have been advised to do this on day 2 or 3 of my cycle. I should get on my period on Tuesday/Wednesday but yesterday and today I have had quite a lot of 'random' blood. Almost like a period but then it stopped. The same happened today, and then it stopped. I'm really confused as I'm not sure whether it is period or not. Never had it before so don't know when do start counting as my actual period, so I have the blood tests on the right day...

Does anyone have a similar problem?

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That doesn't sound quite right but random bleeding can be from the endo or similar problems.

Have you got a cycles app so that you can track your basal temp and ovulation tests? This will help even with irregular cycles to find when you ovulate and when your period is / should be. If you don't have one I recommend naturalcycles as it calculates a lot more accurately for you and your cycles - not averages. It takes a few months to get used to your cycles but it at least starts as a good indicator. I use it and found my ovulation is later than I thought and my cycles vary from 28 to 30 days but on two monthly rotations, so 28, 30, 28, 30, 28, 30.... how odd!

As for your blood tests; have them done when you think day 2/3 is but mention to them that's when you expect it however it doesn't feel like your normal period.


Hi Farahziya,

Thank you for your reply!

The random bleeding started about 3-4 months ago. Before, I’d just had a little bit of brown spotting only (sorry, tmi!).

I have been using FertilityFriend app for the last 6 months, so I do measure my temperature etc which helps with ovulation predictions.

Since I had a miscarriage last October, my periods have gone slightly weird. Apart from the spotting, period itself is very short (1 to 2 days), which doesn’t feel right...

Luckily I have an MRI scan end of next month so should hopefully know what the problem is and what I’m dealing with!

Thank you for your advice! :)


Sorry to hear about the miscarriage :(

My periods went weird at some-points last; bleeding started mid cycle - most of the time the previous period was a little lighter, but the mid cycle bleed was 9 days rather than my usual 4. So I talked to my gp and they just said it sometimes happens, not helpful. I'm glad you know what happened with yours but obviously feeling for you with what caused it :( I think something similar happened, but the gp won't say anything as I guess there's no way to show or prove it could be that.

Light periods can be a good thing, mentally; enjoy it for a while, then once you find out what's wrong go from there.

I've found natural cycles to be better than all other apps, as it calculates your cycles on the fly as you input data for each day (stored in their version of the cloud) there's an option for medication / sick / slept more etc (it still uses these to plan but won't rely on them), including when you had sex and with / without protection. You can also add notes which is great for endo symptoms. it's certified so you can show your doctors, which is where it really helps, as my specialist and gp both know of it and will refer to it if I need to discuss something about my cycles.

I like that it uses temp and ovulation tests to show ovulation; I didn't know that your ovulation tests show positive 36 to 24 hours before due to a LH surge but that some peoples surges are short so you can miss it. This surge however doesn't mean ovulation will occur, it jus prepares for it. That combined with the increase in basal temp (measuring to 2 decimal places) by 0.50 ish degrees 24 hours after ovulation, for 48 hours means ovulation has occurred, sometimes one without the other means no ovulation. This is where the app differs.

Sorry for the waffle; I've found it a really good app, and my hubby has it on his phone too so he can look at my cycles, fertile days, endo symptoms so it's changed our planning and dealing with stuff soooo much better.

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Thank you! That’s really useful! :)

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