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Hi all, I’m 3 days late which isn’t unusual but I’ve started getting all the endo aches and pains I normally get with my period but no bleeding. I’ve been getting a bit of brown spotting but not all the time. This has never happened before, I normally always get the bleeding and pain at exactly the same time. I’m just a bit worried about what’s happening as am trying for a baby and my consultant said as long as you’re having regular periods there shouldn’t be an issue. Is this normal?

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I'm sorry to hear you're going through this. The same thing happened with me so I don't think you're alone. My period used to be like clock work, but then it was all over the place. I got pain without being on my period, brown blood, and would have spotting for weeks instead of a regular period. It was very up and down. I'm not sure what's caused it but I think it was the endo with me because they couldn't find anything else that was wrong.

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Has it normalised now for you? What did you do for the pain?

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It was that way up until I had my lap on Wednesday so I’m not sure if it will be different from now on but I hope so. I had spotting for 3 weeks right before my op and I didn’t really get a regular period! I hope it stabilises in your case, it may just be a one off thing? In my case my pain was usually at its worst a few days before I was meant to have my period though!

Have you done a pregnancy test? Early pregnancy signs can feel similar to period coming x

Yes I did one yesterday and it was negative :( x


I'm having the same problem. I always have this to be honest. Never on time, bleed only a little sometimes fresh blood but sometimes just dark brown yuk.

This time I have been stuck in two weeks of bad pms, all the endo pain and no cycle. Its horrid I just want it to start. Stress affects it greatly. Apparently the above symptoms are due to low progesterone.

Hope you get some relief.

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Ugh it’s so horrible, I was given tranexamic acid from my doc which helped with pain but can’t take it now as I’m not bleeding so don’t know what to do as other stuff not working :(

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Are you not getting your cycle at all do you mean? Just the pain?

Definitely try asking for Tramadol, its a strong painkiller which is morphine based. hopefully it can help you.

bless you..the sufferings we go through...for me its normal to be in pain 7 days prior to period upto 4th day then 3 days post period for 5 more days..and it starts again... my cycke 8s also messed up...since my diagnosis it's gone even more worse...fentanyl been helping..but in the pain days i have to take morphine too

i get the brown spotting if i hv intercourse...or hv a bowel motion...

it could still be good news..woth my first child it was negative when i was 3 days late but 1 week later it was a positive

it could b pain of implantation...

wish u all the best x

I got my period full pelt yesterday in the end and got everything I always get. I feel so low today and can’t stop crying, just feel mentally beaten. I hate that this is what we have to go through and so worried about what’s going on inside, I feel like no one really understands 😥

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