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Does anyone else bleed like I do?

First 3-5 days light dark blood

1 day medium flow

3 days heavy with clots

4 days medium with clots

1-2 days heavy and watery (when I should be ovulating)

3 days light

7-8 days period free

Start period again

On average I bleed for 16 days which is usual for me. I had the coil fitted 2 and a half weeks ago so I’m hoping that will have an effect soon. But I’m just so fed up of bleeding all the time and be in pain. I use cloth pads because disposables irritate me from wearing them so much.

Please tell me I’m not the only one! 😩

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I used to be like that but I put it down to my copper coil x had mireana since and it was great for my endo but had to have it removed 😭


How come you had to have the mireana removed? X


I thought it was a ten year one and had it for 81/2 years and it’s only for 5 yrs😕


It halfed the time I was sick from 3-4 to 2weeks x


I bleed like this, but it’s all heavy except for 2-3 light days in the middle, disposables are driving me insane too! 😩 x


Honestly, cloth pads are a a god send! You should try them. I’ve been using them for about a year now and I’m never going back to disposables! X


im seriously considering it, gonna wait and see if my consultant can give me something to stop the bleeding all together before I invest in cloth pads xx

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I bleed badly too. Can start of light to normal for a few day then I get extremely heavy for 2-3 days, back to normal for 3 day, then heavy for a day or two. Then normal to light. Mine lasts about 13 days usually although last month was 16 and about 10 of those were heavy. I felt exhausted. I'm in pain throughout with it too. Came on this morning and I usually find first few days are pretty ok but I've been bleeding really heavy for the last 2 hours and managed to leak twice! Exteme cramps and pelvic pain too. Do you get pain throughout?


Yeah I get lots of pain. Pain before during and after. Sharp stabbing and twisting pain when I’m heavy. Dull aches and twinges. Really bad back pain. Leg pains. It’s just never ending! X


Yep I know those feelings. Feel like I'm being ripped apart by barbed wire right now and stabbed. Hope you feel better soon


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