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2 year battle

So It has almost been 2 years since my first laparoscopy since then my Mirena coil I haven’t had a period and the pains and sickness is pretty much gone although I do get a few pains here and there, although I wanted to find out has anyone since being on contraception ended up having anxiety or depression? I haven’t been feeling myself in a long time and have recently been subscribed sertraline (anti depressants) just wondered if maybe it’s linked, thoughts/experiences??

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I had my lap and mirena Inserted in November and I have definitely noticed a difference in my mood since then ! I feel moody or low most of the time xx


I spoke to my doctor and he said it’s probably not the case but I really feel it is!x


Before I had my mirena my bsge consultant himself when I asked about the principle side effect warned me it could cause low mood.

It did and I didn't really realise just how much until I after I had it removed 5 months later due to pelvic pain.

That said I was trialling zoladex around the same time and do have a history of low mood depression.

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