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Stomach pains after laparoscopy last year



I know this might sound like a strange question but has anyone had stomach problems after there laparoscopy, I had mine back in November last year and since then I had lots of heartburn and stomach pains and suffer badly with trapped wind.Any ideas

Thanks treez

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Hi yes I had my lap in January 2015 and had lots of gas pain after it which eased with peppermint tea but everything settled then I'm hit with heartburn and trapped wind the pain is awful feels like my ribs and breast bone have been whacked with a base ball bat Iv had to go see my gp to be put on something to help it and so far seems to be helping maybe worth going to see your gp and ask if u can be put on something to help with it also I drink peppermint tea that seems to help with trapped wind xx

treez in reply to Nicolahunny


Thanks I've been drinking lots of peppermint mint tea,I'll get myself off to the doctors next week.


Nicolahunny in reply to treez

Yeah hope you get on ok xx

Had my lap 2nd November 2016, apparently no endo found only PCOS.

Had nothing but problems since lap, pains have actually worsened since having the lap, the pains are more intense, never really have heart burn just extremely bad pain in pelvic region, lumbar and thoracic spine. Feel like I've been run over by a truck half the time :( not sure if it's too do with the op or if i have another underlying condition... only thing that seems to help is Naproxen but then I feel groggy and you can only take 2 a day... hmmm it's all strange..

hope you find some answers x

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Thanks no endometriosis was found with me either and I'm still in pain I'm taking amitriptyline as they think it's nerve pain but it's not really helping so waiting to be referred to a pain clinic.thanks treez

Hi ladies, I'm really sorry to hear about your stomach problems post lap. I had a lap in Feb 2016 when they found a lot of endo. I had the exact same stomach problems as you describe. I was convinced they had missed something and the pain was far worse than it had been before. When I went back to my doctor she said that gluten in my diet may now be an issue. Apparently after a lap your digestive system has taken a bit of a kicking and it responds by becoming gluten intolerant. Please don't ask why but it can happen. I subsequently removed gluten from my diet and saw a gastroenterologist. He confirmed the gluten problem. Some I removed gluten my pain, fatigue and gas pain all disappeared.

Sadly this didn't stop the endo from returning and I've just had my 2nd lap within a year! But it did at least give a few precious months of feeling so much better.

Please do get it checked by a doctor or ask your doctor, as this was my experience. But I hope that it might be of some help. Good luck X

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That's really helpful advice I've always had a very sensitive stomach so that's certainly something I'll look into.Im really sorry to hear that your having problems so soon after your laparoscopy I do hope that you get some results relief soon thanks again.

All the best treez

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